21 August 2008

Rush hour....

Ok, i know i havent been blogging much.
I am doing the balancing act.

I'm up to my neck with weddings, crunch-time at work and planning for my next adventure. I've stood up my schoolgirls twice in a week! Please switch to your understanding mode and do not threaten to keeeeeeeeeel me.

Above is the link to our Cambodian adventure. It's all about planning, planning and planning. It is rather raw at this point in time and seeing that we have one more month to go, it will be filled with information about food, drinks and places to visit in Cambodia. It might be useful for you when you decide to go to Cambodia someday. ;)

I am diving tomorrow after 6 long months away from salty water! I am scared, i am excited,
i wish i dont get sea-sick!


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