08 November 2007

SAS 1997 10-year reunion

Calling out to "boys" and "girls" who graduated from the year '97. It's been a decade and it's about time we catch up!!

Give myself/Irene a call to get your ticket before Friday, 23rd November 2007. After that, tickets are $50 each. I'm aware some of us are now enjoying parenthood so bring the bubbly ones along =) Children under 5 are free and those up to 12 half price.

We had initially thought of restricting this to '97 graduates, however, we believe we should extend this invitation to those that know us and had shared precious memories with us. So people who had graduated from other years but wish to join us, you're most welcome too. =)

Alot of us have made the effort to return from countries all over the world. This has taken alot of effort from Jyy Wei and Chea Ping, planning in advance, mass emails, digging thru boxes for old pictures and cooperation from friends all over. I really hope to see all of you again!
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