03 February 2009

A Quick Escape

from the routines of everyday life can be priceless. At times, I'm thankful that the laziness in me gets the better of me, before i'm left with no weekends to spare. Lost times are almost impossible to redeem.

So, i managed to steal more than a couple of days off work; no laptop, no outlook, no thoughts whatsoever of what's outstanding... just simply eat, visit, gamble and sleep. What an absolute bliss! I could do with a few more weeks of this, whilst the payroll continue rolling in. I'm a dreamer =)

This Chinese New Year is indeed different. I was home, instead of somewhere else under the sea. I have not visited so many houses since ... I cant even remember when. There definitely is an essence of CNY that i thought i've long lost to feel. It felt good, even just for a moment.

Here are some gorgeous shots of fireworks by Jo-Lim. The 12am synchronisation of firecrackers and fireworks around the kampong was downright amazing and exciting! We were a lucky bunch to be entertained with 50 minutes worth of fireworks in Kebangsaan Lama.
When all this ends, I'm dreaming of a holiday far far away. =)

*Gong Xi Fa Cai!*
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