15 August 2008

Nag........ nag......... tag.........

I've been nagged... i mean Tagged!

Before Jess puts a hole on me with her new *bling*. Thank you for nominating me as a Kreativ Blogger, eventhough my kreativity doesnt come on full dosages. I'd pong it back to you because your scrapbooking skills is hitting the roof, but i think we should pong others for moral support!

So, here we go:

The Nomad: Zing, you're the one and only nomad in the family. Sometimes, seeing the world through your eyes or a place through your experience seems good enough. I think the planet can do with more alienzincs like you!

Noooonnie: NoooOOnnie, not only does your blog make me laugh, so does your man! He can be sooooo blur but smart, ok wait, maybe only you can call him blur =P

Limubear: No, i refuse to be the BEST MAN for your wedding! What the hell are you thinking!?!? Please dont stop drawing, your drawings are the only reason why i kept my internet access. . . . . .

Tomyamface: Eventhough you're not as kreativ as me, *kwakwakwa* your babblings in India kept you close to home and enough to make me go to that godforsaken country. I love those amazing underwater eye and mug shots!

Mister and Missus: Just because your food makes me drool all the time.


Nonnie King on August 15, 2008 at 8:08 PM said...

Blur and smart? You're so kind to add in the "smart".

I can't imagine working with him. I'll probably be arrested for choking him to death. Slow and blur till........

Anonymous said...

too bad. I expect you guys to suit up lolol.

thanks for the nag. re-inspired yet again to draw. your character is still in the works.

gym is now overtaken everything else.


Lee on August 18, 2008 at 8:31 AM said...

Nonnie: Hahaha.. i have yet worked directly with him, so maybe that's why he's still standing tall and firm lol!

Limubear: In your dreams. My character has been in the works for the last 3 years!

Zing... on August 18, 2008 at 8:16 PM said...

Wasieh! Thanks for the nag and tag! I need to work harder now to live up to being a nomad..'jia you!'.. Heehee.. you are also true world's traveller.. sea and land.. you bring the sea closer to me!

Lee on August 18, 2008 at 8:43 PM said...

Zing.. we need to barter. You bring me on one of your hard core trips and i'll bring you underwater. Kekeke..

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