30 August 2008

Team spirit

The past 2 months at work has been nerve-wrecking and has put some of our competence to test. I'm the mudder hen clucking workshops, briefings, documentations, deadlines and my little ones has all either met or exceeded my expectations. Even our intern from ITB, Yana, is churning work like a natural.
We have 3 weeks left till we hit the 'big-gong' and i smell success. It's near.
This project is our baby, its excellent performance is not due to any one person, but seriously right down to ownership, commitment and team spirit which no doubt is something every company seeks but lacks.

So we went to Takara for dinner to pat ourselves on the back.

.Some of my pride and joy.

Other lil' ones not in picture are: Peter B, Rosnani, and Afshah.
.This is the mudder of another nest that came to freeload dinner.

I'm a beaming mumma. ;)


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