04 August 2008

Cambodia fever

We've been talking about going to Vietnam and Cambodia for a couple of months now. It has been at the tip of our tongues with nothing beyond firm travel dates until we finally sat down last week and put our heads together to find a route that will not burn a hole in our pockets.

As always, we try too hard to fit in everything into our trips. Alang-alang right..? We wanted to take the Saigon-SiemReap-Hanoi-HalongBay-Sapa-Saigon route, i.e. kiasu and try to cover key places of interest in Cambodia, North and South Vietnam, all in 7 days which adds up close to 2k for flights and accomodation. Most feedback we got were 'expensive, overly ambitious, you wont see much' but the most outrageous of them all is being called an "IDIOT" by Mr.Jasmain T. "You are an idiottttt!" he emphasized.

Being rather firm and happy with my choice of destinations and quite unwilling to forego a lil' of North Vietnam, i told him he's the basketfool!

But over a cuppa tea on Sunday, he and his soul-refreshing and spiritual experience managed to convince us that we need at least a minimum of 5 days to truly absorb the grandeur and surprises of Angkor Wat, in a slow and laid-back manner instead of the India-manic race we did last year.

Jas said the temples will overwhelm me, and lonely planet says its genius is matched only by a few select spots on earth such as Mancchu Picchu or the Taj Mahal. I've been to the Taj Mahal and believe me no words can give justice to its beauty nor describe the emotional dance it creates within you. That comparison alone, i think, is enough to convince me to go beyond the tourist, drop-snap-and go.

So we'll definitely focus on Cambodia this time round. 6 more weeks to go and i'm already on a crazy high. Likewise boon2, i wanna go Siem Reap-ing too! Huu huu huu.

Now to figure out how to get there and all the other interesting hair-ripping bits. Nice... i love planning.


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