16 June 2008

Repeat after me...

...no shit!!!

You like? I like! And they're all miniatures. The luxury of 'em papier-mâché people. Dammit.

11 June 2008


I was scheduled to get a dental bridge today, so that i can remove my lower braces without risking any movement in the alignment of my braces-perfected teeth. I was initially put-off by the idea of having my perfectly-fine teeth on the side of the missing tooth "sawed" off! Oh wait, they call it "recountouring". It's supposed to make it sound less barbaric. But after countless discussions with my orthodontist, i caved in.. it seems i have to have it.

What he failed to discuss with me is how much will it cost me.

Until i got a reminder call yesterday. And when asked, the nurse casually told me it'd cost me 1500 pieces of big bucks. 500 for each tooth. wtf. I had a heated call with Dr.J today. He's a real nice guy, but i got really cheesed off at the fact that he didnt think that the cost of something is worthy of discussion. So i'm supposed to walk in, get it fixed, then get caught by a fat bill by surprise. What if i didnt bring my credit card? What if i didnt have that much cash on me? Maybe i should have asked at the very beginning, but still....

Then I had to cancel my appointment due to work commitment which i inevitably cannot run away from.
Dr J: "Grumble, lecturing....But it's your teeeeeeeth"
Lee: "But it's my job... that's paying for these teeeeeeeth"

I think deep down he wished he didnt have a patient like me. But again he's a wonderful doctor who seriously cares about his patient's welfare. Though that hasnt stop me from wanting to strangle him sometimes :P

.Had a long poooofy day at work and i think i need a good hearty laugh.
.Maybe a kick-ass kungfu black-n-white chubbs can help.

10 June 2008


Anyone been there?? Been to any restaurants or stayed at any hotels that deserves raving about? Any dodgy places people should avoid? Tell me, tell me! What about pictures of the town itself? If you have any and would like your pictures to be featured in an international travel guide book, send them to me.

Missing the weightlessness

Ever since I got back from the last diving trip to the Philippines, my diving mojo has dropped more than a notch, it hit rock bottom. I think i've used up every excuse in the book to skip diving every week. And now, i miss my getaways. The urge has got to come back!

Here are some of my favourite shots in Brunei. We really do have some incredible creatures beneath our waters man...

Enjoy! While i continue tearing my hair off at work.

03 June 2008

Dining Under The Stars

except there were no stars... huu huu huu but the musical fountain at Jerudong Park far compensated for it. The dazzling lights synchronised with music, and the cascading water turned the night into a lovely affair. Food was good though i was told to skip the fish 'cos it wasnt fresh =/, performances by Studio Scene were entertaining and i particularly loved the ballet routine. They looked like elegant little butterflies drifting across the stage with pointed toes and little details -the flick of the head, the longing gaze... it was a beautiful dance. Maria, the local singer, too made some waves with her Chinese rendition of "A Better Man".
I thought the night was made much more entertaining by Izan's antics. She sent Marilyn round the floor to hunt for a young, handsome bloke. I dont know about the young and handsome bit but we cheered for Andrew and he made the cut. Haha.. Dragging his feet to the centerstage, i think he secretly wished he gets to dance with Izan or even win a date with Izan. None of that came true, instead the dare was to drink a bowl of cream of mushroom soup to win a dinner voucher for two at Sheraton. How difficult is that?! And I had to say the mushroom soup that night was deeeelicious, but my friend being lactose-intolerant bluntly said, "Eerrr, can i have the oxtail soup? i dun like mushroom..."

Whilst Rano was laughing away hysterically, Izan wanted someone else for the next challenge, and ofcourse we took the opportunity to sabo' him. "Rano, rano, rano" Izan: "Aiyaaaa, he's gonna complain about me in his blog tomorrow."

.Even Izan got down on her knees for him.

Overall, it was an entertaining night...something different, something new. We left before the show ended and before the rain began. Phew.

For more posts on this night, read here and here.

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