04 July 2008

Doing the balancing act

.It doesnt take an acrobat.

My brain is overloaded. I dream images of paperwork, colleagues, clients, deadlines, issues, milestones that sleeping seems like a second shift in the office.There are flashes of thoughts wishing for two of me; one of me would be juggling with the work load and running the corporate race, whilst the other would be enjoying the fruits of sweat, diving, travelling, yumming good food, loving, loafing, and perhaps sometimes livin' davida loca. Then we'll both be mighty happy, eh!

What lies ahead for me is 3 months worth of slaving for the better of our government, and attempts to have a life at least an arm away from my laptop. So here's 20mins of my precious time, though also spent staring at a screen. d'oh.

.What happened in the last 3 weeks.

Signs of being a winner at work and loser in life.
Eating canteen food and working through lunch for 2 consecutive weeks
- Burning my pocket by buying lunch for the team to work through lunch
- Churning documentations at 3am
- Papercuts and bloody blue screens
- Running to my car in a huge, empty carpark
- Failure to catch the jokes my babes are telling because my mind is somewhere else

.Signs of getting a life back in between.
Watching hongkong series which i have not for the past donkey years.
- Trying out new restaurants
- Spending a weekend in KB
- Doing totally nothing productive and snugged watching movies with someone you care about
- Watching the 2.45am euro match!
- Eating home-cooked meals by wonderful ladies
- Attending weddings
- Hangovers
- Dancing and bruises
- Hearing fantastic stories of things i did but having no recollection at all
- Planning for my next holiday!

Ahhh. It isnt all that bad.
See some of you on the road this Sunday. I foresee dosages of anagram attacks. Help. . .


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