28 May 2008

Who I am makes a difference

Today i received something that i felt i have to share. It's such a simple exercise and the influence it has on a person is extremely rewarding. This is another example of how you can show appreciation to someone who might or might not know they have made a difference to your work, your dreams, your success, your recovery, or basically your life.

Who you are DOES make a difference...

26 May 2008

.Got this video today and i almost laughed my lunch out.


22 May 2008

Friends you call family

.Wayne sneaking away with some kid's blown up whale, which of course left the poor kid crying.

It took me a while to figure out what Debbie is on about when she said "Wayne's got leukemia."
"Wayne... Yaw Ren's wayne?" That wayne??" Debs said he wasnt well for some time but nobody could imagine it amounted to leukemia. That was a huge blow to people who cares for and loves him.

Then it was the united call from friends to raise RM250,000 for his treatment.

The day came when he is to leave for KL for treatment. I couldnt make it to the airport, but my parents, aunt and a whole bunch of his friends went to cheer him on.

This group of friends have been his safety zone and the pillar that is holding his spirits together. His buds Ye Wei, Kevin from Brunei and cousin Chris Tine from Edmonton created a "We're here for you Wayne!" group in Facebook for him. Here, you will find Wayne's progress, words of encouragement, well-wishes and jokes from friends... all these ... besides the medication he is receiving has kept him going... stronger and stronger.

"Description: A place for those who can't get enough of Wayne =P
We love you Yayne/smack/*ngus ngus*/ing ingz/lau-ta/SChhtainnn/Nini/WAGNE (or whatever else we call u)! We're always here for you!

Show your support by leaving a msg for Wayne! Let him hear us and be kept up to date.

"Learn from the past & believe in the future. But most of all, livestrong in the journey" {livestrong.org}

Quote of the day:
What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it."

Here are some snippets of Wayne's progress from the group.

05 April: Dr. Ng will initiate Wayne's 1st treatment up to seven days straight. He said the induction therapy will be very "keng". The goal for this chemotherapy is to hit hard. If the outcome for this round of chemo looks positive, his chance for cure will be 75%. So ppl, this is the time where Wayne will need all the moral support he can get. To make sure he finish what he started and not quit half way. His new hp number is listed below. So if you have time, pls text him a msg or give him a call anytime. Don't wait anymore ppl, pick up the nearest phone next to you and start dialing! He needs us now! Let's continue giving him our utmost support to show that he's not alone at war =D Go Wayne Kek!

2.30pm_05Apr: Doc has suggested that Wayne should do BMT(Bone Marrow Transplant) Without BMT, Wayne's chance of complete cure is only 20% max by chemo alone. With BMT, his chance would rise up to a percentage of 40%. Which would be 20% extra. Wayne sister's bone marrow matching percentage is only 25%. They are still searching for a better match. All medical expenses including BMT & chemo is under RM 250 grand. More funds and charity support would be much appreciated. Wayne just had his 1st injection of idarubicine and they are monitoring him closely. Its alright to call him if anyone wish to, he would be happy to hear from you all =) Best time to reach him is late afternoon and evenings.

1.00pm_08Apr_c: After chatting to D online, I realized (more than ever before) how important you guys are as Wayne's support system. I call you guys his "backbone"--his strength, who got him thru the days previous, who will get him thru today, and will get him thru the coming days ahead. D emphasized how great it is when Wayne gets phone calls from you guys. It really picks up his spirit and encourages him to fight on. So all you kakis (*hehe*), give him a ring! He'll be so happy to hear from you =D

11.55am_19Apr: Beckie (Wayne's sister) will be getting her typing done in the next three(?) weeks. We all pray that her bone marrow will match Wayne's. Let's keep our fingers crossed and pray for the best. Other than that, he is still doing well. He's trying to set the record as Dr.Ng's fastest recovering patient from treatment! Go Schtainn!

.Wayne before and after. He has pictures of his friends on the wall to keep him close to home.

1.25am_27Apr: Wayne is progressing quite well. He has put on a bit of weight and is starting to feel much more comfortable (sitting) =D. His WBCs are stabling, while his RBCs are still abit on the low end. Danny says that the chances of him going home soon looks bright if he can continue to keep progressing upward. Beckie will be getting her typing done this Monday. Let's all pray for the best.

1.02pm_21May: GOOD NEWS!!! Our dearest friend Wayne Kek has found a matching bone marrow. It seems that he will be doing much better than we had expected. Wayne says that he will prob need only 1 more consolidation therapy instead of the total 3. Lets raise our glass for him and wish him the very best *fingers crossed* We all miss you Wayne. Faster come back!

This is the moment that everyone has been praying for. A bright light ahead of the tunnel. If you'd like to help this young man towards the exit of this tunnel, please send me an email at bubbles_222@hotmail.com. You know you will make a difference!

Wayne may not be very rich, but he is indeed very rich with truly amazing friends.

21 May 2008

While mama is away...

my old man automatically assumes the role of father and mother. Whilst my mama is enjoying the cool sunshine with family in China, my old man is busy buying fruits, walking our dog, plucking the odd sprouts, making sure i have my face towel in the bathroom and calling to check if i want any tapaos. 

.He just cant sit still!.

He is obsessive about cleanliness and he must spend every free time he has doing something productive... well, 'cept for early mornings when he has to watch those stupid taiwanese patpor debates that always end up in fist fights and a plateful of foul language, cracks him up he says. 

Sometimes parents can really get on your nerves, sometimes they are simply amusing.

Last Sunday.
Me: "Mama, where are you?"
Mama: "We are at Shenzhen airport, waiting for transit to Hang Zhou."
Me: "Ok. Shenzhen nice?"
Mama: "I m at airpot lah! Not outside. But airpot very big. I message 1 time 0.80 cents. I have $4 only. You tell daddy oh."

.Faint. I laughed like a nut.

On Monday.
Me: "Pa, forgot to tell you mum is already in Hang Zhou"
Old man (while ironing his shirt to pass time): "Ohya, she sms me today. I asked her if Hang Zhou women are beautiful."
Me: "Hah.. crazy fool.."
Old man: "You know what she replied me? She said i dont know about Hang Zhou women but Hang Zhou men are very handsome. Looks like she's learnt my style. Wahahahaha.."
Me: "Behhhhh tahannnnnnn u!!!!"

.I laughed all the way to my room and i can still hear him giggling.

I have a clown at home. A clown who has a gawd-damn sarcastic sense of humour but i like. =)

20 May 2008

Jazz It Up

This experience totally proved that i'm not a Jazz person. I like Diana Krall, i like Jamie Cullum, i like Katie Melua but i just cant deal with pure Jazz. Though 'em sexy Cuban rhythms of Habana Sax and crazy fingers of 75-old year bassist and pianist of Oma Sound completely knocked me off. The pianist of Oma Sound has fingers so fast, it looks like its on fast forward. It's unbelievable...

It was good fun but i dont think i can survive 5 consecutive compositions without yawning. I hope the next Rainforest World Music Festival in July can get me on my toes ;)

13 May 2008


is one of my favourite words in English.

... the randomness; or accidental; or unexpected discovery; of happiness...

Have you had one of those moments?
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