03 August 2008

A night with feimao

Last month, parrot Trace was out on her usual routine, with a faint hope, of bumping into her dog that ran away from home years ago. Instead she turned out to be the saviour of 5 very lucky puppies, whom were on the brink of being eaten alive by red ants, termites and basturdy bugs.

I brought one of them home with me one night thinking i could psycho the old man into letting me keep him, but i woke up the next morning half-going crazy and still got a no from the ol'man.

He took a potful of my sanity.

.Without much persuasion, he chose the most comfortable spot.

He was this precious little thing curled up on the rug...twitchy but fast asleep.

I was staring down at him from my bed, googooing over his cuteness.

I turned the lights off, and all is well...

Until i hrd faint puppy cries, the lil' furball was staring at me, whimpering then started sniffing around my bookshelf, my wardrobes, my rugs whilst i stared in confusion. Suddenly, i lost sight of him, there were no response to my calls, i crawled to the edge of my bed and there he was .. taking a piss next to my bedroom door. *$#&$! He tried his very best to mark every corner as his territory, and i was dutifully cleaning up after him.

From 1am onwards, the nightmare began, recurring like contractions.. every hour thereafter.

.Debbie giving him some loving and attention at 2 in the morning.

3.30 am he was chewing at anything and everything within his reach. I had to eyeball his every move, watching for that sign to lift him over to the newspapers i've spread for his leaks. It got to the point where i tried locking him up in the bathroom, what's a tired person got to do huhhhh. But he cried his way out eventually.

4.30am, he's gotten alot smarter over the last hour. He knows where to pee! He headed straight for the papers, took a whiff and peed! So smart!! Just when the thought of throwing him into the kitchen crossed my mind. I laid in bed like a rock, and he'd come towards me, make little hops and whine, seemingly wanting to hop up to my bed. That was utterly cute but seriously I begged out loud for him to sleep through the night. Pleaaasseeeeeee, pleaaaassseeee go to sleep.

6am. He woke up bloooooody hyper. He was running and skipping around my room, dragging my rugs from one corner to the another, he tried to kill the ff bear, he was shuffling around the papers making bloooooody annoying noises, he was driving me nuts!!!

Then it wore him off.
I texted Trace: "Babe, call me when you're awake, i need to send him home". No reply.

7.30am. I woke up and saw him in a funny position. He was doing circles, and started to squat >_
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