07 August 2008

Teaching classes? =P

We're close to purchasing our airfares and finalising our accomodation in Cambodia. The more we research, the more things it seems we can do and places we can cover. Among which, we're planning to spend a day doing charity work. I've emailed a couple of organisations, one of which that has gotten back to me is:
Savong's School
"To give rural students a chance to find employment, Svay Savong is a young man who has established a school to teach languages to children who cannot afford paid tuition. His school, a modest three classroom building built in 2005 in a small village East of Siem Reap, has met immediate success. Students don't have to attend here – they already go to the State School . But the State system doesn't teach languages such as English or Japanese, and so 330 children willingly attend Savong's School. These students in the photos currently attend Savong's School."
This seems like a big act by one young man, so i emailed him:
From: Lee Ming [mailto:bubbles_222@hotmail.com]
Sent: 07 August 2008 14:51
To: svaysavong@gmail.com

Hi Savong,

I've read about your initiation with the Savong School and am deeply moved by your commitment to helping the people in your country. My friends and I are visiting Siem Reap from the 28th Sept - 3Oct 2008. Besides doing all the touristy stuff, we'd like to offer our hands to the local community in some way or another, and we wonder if there is any way we can help Savong School.

We can only spare a day to do this and would like your advice on this.
Can we visit the school and make donations? Are there any gifts that the students might like or stationery materials that we can offer? Are there any activities for you to interact with them? Can we conduct a class to teach them some basic foreign language? I look forward to your reply.

Best regards, Lee Ming

And the same night, he replied:

Re: Donations for Savong School‏
From: savong svay (svaysavong@gmail.com)
Sent: Thu 8/07/08 12:13 PM
To: Lee Ming (bubbles_222@hotmail.com)

Dear Lee Ming, Thank you for emailing me and want to donate for Savong School and also offer stationary for students it sounds very main and wonderful for my school if it could happen It will delight very much.

Before I talk to you I want to conduct my work.
My name is Savong, 27 years old and I am a director of Savong School and the school was built in 2005. I am a simple person.

I now have 377 students and 6 teachers and give free education to poor children and once year I always arrange programme giving gifts to poor people but this year I can not do that again because I don't have fund anyway,the enconomic is quite high and make me and most citicens get hard to earn money. And now I am getting worried very much about economic. And If have you to support my school I will be happy.

Yes, you can visit my school here and donate what you want to anyway, if you can teach my students too it sounds very good .

In fact, I would like to talk to you about school and what i need for the school if you let me talk . I want to know from you before and then I will tell you. And I have any questions to ask you too.

1.Why do you want to donate the people in my country ?

2.Is it very main and useful to you in helping the people ?

3.If you already helped them after what do you need from them ?

Please you give me answers and if you have any questions to ask me and I am happy to tell you . Hoping to get an email from you soon. Kindest regards Savong Director Phone:(855)12 531 037/92 666 675

.This should be rewarding, both to the giver and the recipient.


Anonymous said...

Hey, good luck in watever you gonna do.. actually teaching in cambodia is in one of my life list too!!

Highly recommend Dead Fish Restaurant and Red Piano of Siem Reap!

Lee on August 15, 2008 at 10:48 AM said...

Thanks SJ! I've got Red Piano on my list already, will try to fit Dead Fish in.

We're all looking forward to Savong, hopefully it'll be one experience that stays.

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