31 March 2008

Bangra Night

along Brunei river. What was intended to be a dinner between myself, Boon, Caryn, Andrew and Rano turned out to be a big friendly affair. Although we come from all walks of life; journalists, engineers, consultants, doctors, managers, magician, teachers, photographers, bankers, homemakers, divers, businessmen, grandparents... all of us have something in common: we all know how to sit back and enjoy life.

At times we often squirm at the idea of mixing different groups of people in a small enclosed area, would they be uncomfortable? would they run out of topics to talk about? This outing is a perfect example of how the young and old, the quiet and the loud, the reserved and the clown can mix and mingle and have a night of good fun.
.Picture above taken by Reeda @ Anakbrunei.

Faces of Brunei...
...Beautiful people...
...Aging with your beloved one can be so wonderful...
...The many "pattern" of Mr.Reeds...
...Can you resist not doing the Jack-Rose pose...
...Blast from the past...
.As Reeda puts it "the warriors from Zen mountain"

It was a good night. Crowd was great. Dinner by Tandoor was great 'cept it could have been a whole lot better if it was served warm, and drinks should have been free-flow - at the very least water!. The Marine crew were excellent. Dessert is yums. Kudos to John Seto for his entertaining magic tricks and thanks to Reeda and Rano for making everyone feel extremely special with their massive-to-die-for-cameras.

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10 March 2008

Sunday Nights

can be rather interesting...
.I have a confession.
.I am obsessed with feets.
.My feet particularly.
.That's right.

04 March 2008

No Shit!!

Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 00:37:09 -0800
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Subject: [My Adventures Underwater and On Land] New comment on Love and Life.

Peter has left a new comment on your post "Love and Life":

"Hi Lee,

Bumped into your blog by coincidence. Seems that you like travelling alot and i wonder would you like to join our travel guide editorial panel. I can be reached at, xxx[@]yahoo.co.uk

Thanks & have a nice day,

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P.S: Anilao - Part 2 entries will be up soon
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