22 July 2008

The Wine and Dine bit...

2nd night; our last night in Kuching. Contemplating between the rainforest or potentially a night out trying good food and good bars, we chose the latter. A phone call to Boon's friend and he recommended Blablabla restaurant to us. A couple of entries on google later, we made reservations at Blablabla and it was the best decision we made that night.

Hidden amongst old town shops, you wouldnt believe what lies beyond the entrance of this restaurant. Stone paths afloat a little pond led the way to the garden where we had to cross another tiny pond passing a big buddha-head and found our seat right under the skies. A.m.a.z.i.n.g!

When it comes to ordering food, you know there's no stopping growling stomachs and growing men and me, i.e. order first, figure how-to-finish later. We ordered almost all of their signature dish, up to 8 dishes when the waiter cut in "I think it's too much..." Feast your eyes and take a big gulp: the dishes are uncanny and imaginative, soft shell crab drizzled with chicken floss *_*, fresh prawns with damn crispy mantaus, cold midin salad which totally works, ostrich rolls, the so-damn-good mussels, crispy fried noodles with salted egg and century egg, nestum chicken and drunken duck, peanut butter cheesecake and vanilla cheesecake. Ohhh my gauuud.

.The gorgeous food that ended up swimming in our happy stomachs.

All that + a bottle of wine + 6 beers added up to RM300+. Unbelievable, isnt it. I love Kuching. Meowwwww.

Then came the decisions. Travillion for rows of pubs or few doors down to Junk Bar. Again, another wise move. Opened by the same owner of Blablabla Restaurant, Junk Bar is another surprise. This bar is filled with unimaginable, unique and timeless pieces of junk, or better termed as priceless treasures of the past. I am again impressed by the creativity of Kuching entrepreneurs. The pictures can spell it out.

.I want that, that and that too.

.(L):Super impressive door that looks like it cant take a woman's kick. And those boxes of plastic buses and firetrucks are sooo classic! (R): Totally lovin' the interior, peeled walls that looks ghostly yet gives the warm, underground feel.

.The next room where you can laze on monstrous beanbags.

.(L):Boon and his mate, Jeremy, whom he declares the only one that can bring him down back in those London days. (R): My nannies.

.(L):Gold superbling cash register that is still in use, what about that crazy-sized film recorder/player. (R): They absolutely mean it when they say it's served Ice Cold.
.Even Anthony Bourdain gave his seal of approval.

A couple of drinks and chats later, we moved on to Piccadilly's Music Cafe. Another good joint with karaoke.

.The singing sensation - Song of the night: "I love you babyyyyyy, and if it's quite alright, i need you babyyy~~".

It was a night well spent, memories well drawn.
The alcohol tolerance verdict:
Londoners: 1 down, Aussies: 1 down
Kuching: all standing, Brunei: 2 down. >_<

Oh, btw, have you heard about the Kuching mafias?
Here's one from Santubong.


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