22 July 2008

The Sightseeing bit...

Thankfully it was a mild night, and we were able to wake up early and catch some Kuching sights. The weather was perfect for walking and photo shoots.

First stop, without doubt, was to pose infront of 'em proud tall-standing meows. Then straight off to the waterfront promenade which is one of my to-go list. The river was an unimpressive flat of brown but it was clean! It being a Saturday saw alot of youngsters lingering around, little trinket vendor stalls right beside the river selling arts & crafts, accessories, juices, ... you name it. Too bad we didnt get to come here during sunset, which i heard is the time when the promenade comes alive. There's also a 24-hour restaurant, Khatulistiwa, beside the river that looks very inviting but i cant say the same for their food.
.Traditional Bidayuh skull house.
We had lunch a couple of steps away at James Brooke Bistro & Cafe. The atmosphere is beautiful, good enough even for a cuppa coffee alone. The beef stroganoff i had was blah but the sambal chili fried chicken he had was ichiban! But ofcourse, he shared it with me. Keke. We walked off all that food starting with the Chinese Museum. It's rather small, i say you can cover this in 15mins. Overall, it displayed the history of discovering Kuching, some old chinese artifacts, statistics of races, and before i got the last shot that i want, i got waved off by the grumpy guardian. No camera allowed meh?? Bahhhh!

Then we took off to the realms of Kuching Old Court House. The buildings in town still bear that colonial splendour, beaming in newly-restored colours. I think we wandered down to Carpenter or India Street where the olde charm is maintained.

Typical of a tourist, you'd shoot at anything that you deemed interesting. Somehow a table spread with fresh fruits seemed interesting to me. Go figure... But NO! he told me green vegetables will turn out better in the pictures, so i shifted my focus to an auntie happily arranging her greens until she saw me. She immediately leapt off my vision, as if i was pointing a gun at her. Helloooo auntie.. scary mehh..

I totally ignored her cos i just wanted my shot and off i go. But i overheard this conversation behind me:

(In Hakka)
Lady A: Chomakai ooh (What's going on?)
Auntie Vege: Ngee yang siong loo.. (She's taking pictures loo)
Auntie Vege: Choi tu ai yang (Vege also wanna shoot)
Bla..bla..bla.. I understand you yooo auntie!

Wahaha.. she must think we're some sort of friggin' sakais that's never seen fresh green vegetables.

.Drowning in highly potent combination of salted fish, salted vege and sotong. Absolute high.

There were tons of furniture shops where you can most probably find things you've bought in Woodstock for half the price here. Sarongs, souvenirs, cowboy hats, and i am most intrigued by the little vendors that sold something peculiar. At first, he told me it was something meant for the manhood. I sneered and as always believe he's making a fool out of me. "It's trueeeeeee" so he picked up the brochure and i began reading down the bullet points. "For cold sores, sore throats, flus, fever, muscle aches" and the list goes on until the very last line which i do not quote goes along the line of "elongating or enlarging the manhood and promising a lasting effect" WHATTA!! Some kind of elixir it is, for the fools! Update: So he tells me, it's called "GAMBIR".

By mid noon, the mall starts calling. I cannot resist. Why is shopping even in Kuching that much better than Brunei. Huuhuu.


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