23 July 2008

The Aftermath bit...

wasnt my kind of a Sunday morning. Construction works were going full-steam in my head. My body jelled like a bag of goo... and it did not make things better knowing my babes went for Kuching Laksa at the famous Chong Choon cafe without me! All the anticipation for local yums went down the drain.

So i went for a body massage, whilst the others braved a day at the Crocodile Farm.
.Pictures by Piggy and Caryn.

.A well-hidden secret.
It was a good trip to rejuvenate the work-worn soul. Many thanks to Piggy for organising this trip, Jimmy for his excellent hospitality (if you ever come across this blog), Boon's wonderful friends - Jeremy and Karen for their thumbs-up recommendation on food and drinks AND robbing me a couple hours worth of memory :P

.Till Vietnam.


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