08 July 2008


12th NBT Treasure Hunt
Hung: "Auntie, you're gonna peel off all of these stickers ok!"

Dont ask me why he calls me Auntie. He wasnt exactly keen when i started snipping off the sponsor' stickers into little individual bits, but hey what do they say about men!? 20mins later he goes, "Auntie, no more ah?? This is quite fun eh.. Why they give so little?" muhuuhuu...

At 12am, we had to force ourselves to bed, i.e. on a saturday night '_'~, at 4.30am we had to force ourselves out of bed.. to make breakfast. We prepared 8 hotdogs, 6 tuna sandwich, and 4 packs of indomee for the road, ehhh no one's gonna go hungry for sure.

.The disciples of Master Oogway. Friggin' lame, hahaha.

.L-R: Simba@Hung the driver (newbie), and his Queen@Elisa the zoom! surfer (newbie), Porky@Boon the trekker, and Auntie@Lee the navigator-nagger.
Some interesting bits of the hunt.

Head to Taman Peranginan Tasik and
pose for a picture.
We had to pose as a group, one as a hunter, one as an animal being hunted and the other two as background scenery. We're supposed to get a minimum of 4 props. Not quite willing to waste time going home for props, we just grabbed whatever we could find in the park. Boon found a small and quaint wooden axe lying around a mini construction site. Some rocks and a few branches later, we took off for the next destination... but before we got far, someone hollered, "ehhh, bagi balik kapak atuuu" Damn, he was pissed off. Boon wanted to chuck it outside the park so no one else could use it. Wahaha...

The day before i had warned Hung that he'll get lotsa screaming and yelling from me, cos sometimes i just cant contain my excitement. And true enough, whilst on the way to Tungku Beach, i started criticising his speeeeed. You're supposed to be a friggin' drifter hung, anyways that's another story altogether.

Leg 2
Some of the answers to the questions were very straightforward, whereas some got us debating heaven&earth. I still cant get over this one:

A male goat a distance in. He has an enterprise here.

We knew a male goat is a ram. But as we parked to look out for clues, i saw this Awg Hussain/ Nasseruddin/whatever-enterprise signboard and went "HEY, a male goat a distance in, they're selling goat meat in there and there's a signboard stg-enterprise here. This must be it!" mumble, grumbles, and Boon still wasnt convinced. When they finally got tired of my million-and-1 explanation, we started driving off, and Hung spotted the answer "RAMDEEP ENTERPRISE la!! Hj what what what again" Hahaha...

One helluva challenge, just goes to show how unfit i am. Kudos to Boon who went the extra mile for points and Hung and Elisa who outran me in their slippers!

By 4pm, we stank, some needed to poo, some needed a good massage.
Good news is for all that hard work, we came in 30th out of the 179 cars and won ourselves a Deep-Fryer mathingie. Jeff/Caryn's team came in 23rd and Steve/Weiwei won themselves tickets to HongKong at 2nd place!

.Grrrr...We gotto play strategically next year!.
We had good fun, even after the hunt. Hahaha.
.We'll be back.

P.S: We only ate 3 sandwiches out of the whole lot... so for those who's never joined the hunt and intend to next year, dont bother preparing so much food. U'll be too busy solving clues to eat 'em.


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