10 July 2008

Ready to rock

After the last stint in Miri, i dont know if i can survive any Music Festival for 2 consecutive days, and this time at a Cultural Village in Sarawak, i.e. plopped in the midst of a virgin rainforest at the edge of South China Sea... Gasp! The journey itself - Bandar-KB-Miri-Kuching sounds tormenting enough.

Entertainment during the three days of the festival will come from Ross Daly Quartet from Greece, Kasai Masai (Congo/UK), Hiroshi Motofuji (Japan), Oikyataan (India), Cholo Valderamma (Colombia), New Rope String Band (UK), Yakande (Gambia/Guinea), Pinikpikan (Philippines), Adel Salameh (Palestine), Beltaine (Poland), Sheldon Blackman and The Love Circle (Trinidad & Tobago) and Fadomorse (Portugal).

Although this festival has been acknowledged as one of the top ten music festivals in the world by World Music Expo (WOMEX), the list above doesnt at all sound befitting to my ears and I think i'd be the judge of that after this weekend. What is music to some might be a racket to others.

Everyone has been raving about this festival, but i'd rather not set my hopes too high =P

HOWEVER, after weeks of canteen food, i am going to pigout like i havent tasted good ol' hawker food in awhile. A kind soul has given my friend a Kenny Sia "Follow my guide and you wont go wrong" list of the ta-daaaaa Best Food in Kuching.

.Sneak-peeks in the observer's own words.
Best Sio Bee
Sin Kwang Heng, Open Air Market
The manager of this sio bee stall is a Kuching legend in his own right.
Almost never seen without a cigarette hanging from his mouth, the guy must have violated hygiene laws in at least 70 different countries, including Malaysia's. But Kuching people very power one. If something is good to eat, we will risk life and death to eat - even if it has cigarette butts in it.

The manager of Sin Kwang Heng is also famous for shouting at you when you make your order. Try standing in front of his stall and he'd shout "LU AI HAMIK!?" (WHAT DO YOU WANT) like you had insulted his grandmother. It's funny, but a bit ridiculous. Wanna buy sio bee also kena shouted at. Like you owe him money like that.

Best Place to have Breakfast
Kaya & Toast. They got two branches. One in 3rd Mile, the other one closer to the city in Wisma Nation Horizon, Jalan Petanak.
Their soft-boiled eggs are the best in town and I simply love their curry rice.

I come here so many times that even the staff recognises me. Not only that, they also developed some sort of psychic powers. I don't even have to open my mouth and they know what I want to order already.
If they see me walking in sleepily, they'll know I want my coffee. If they see me walking in with saliva dripping down my mouth, they'll know I want my curry chicken rice. Damn power.

Best Beef Noodle
Ah Mui, Open Air Market
Another long-time Kuching favourite. With some luck, you might be able to order this dish served with bull's penis.
I've never tried it before myself though. To me, eating a bull's penis is too much like giving dead animals a blowjob.

Best Belacan Beehoon
Padungan Belacan Beehoon at Song Kheng Hai Food Court, Jalan Padungan
Belacan Beehoon is one of Sarawak's most legendary delicacies, although it can't reach Sarawak Laksa in terms of popularity. Nowadays, it is not so easy to find Belacan Beehoon in Kuching because not a lot of people can stand its pungent smell.

Best Sarawak Laksa
Chong Choon Cafe, Jalan Abell.
Chong Choon is open early in the morning and their laksa is all sold out before the clock even hits 11am.
If you realise, all the good eateries in Kuching are only open for a few hours. They could've make more money if they are opened a bit longer to serve the lunchtime crowd, but these people don't do it. I don't know why.
Maybe Kuching people just don't know how to do business

And the friggin' list goes on.... and my keyboard's wet.

we're on a Food Roaarrrrrrrrr.

For more info or press coverage on the Rainforest World Music Festival, click here, here and here.


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