13 February 2007

Wine, Dine and Unwind in Singapore

Again, everywhere i go i'm constantly reminded not to drink & drive or drink & dive. Anyhoos, i dont know if i can survive in Singapore.. there're just too many temptations:

Good Food
Goodwood Park is the ultimate location for steak lovers, BUT for people like me that only eat beef thinly sliced, head next door to Shima Japanese Restaurant for the best shabu-shabu ever.

Wagyu (left) and Shimofuri (right)

Just look at the marbling! Both came from Kobe and but have totally distinct taste. First bite of Wagyu and we thought it was heavenly, and then came Shimofuri. It's so velvety and words cannot give the flavour any justice. I've never loved beef this much.. it practically melts in your mouth. mMmmm... Precious beef.

These cattles enjoy a Dionysian diet of rice, beans and rice lager (to help their digestion, not to flavour their flesh). Famously, they are also massaged by farmers, although this is in order to soothe their muscles rather than disperse the fat. Despite their fattiness, Wagyu are slender, almost delicate beasts. According to the food writer Jeffrey Steingarten, "Wagyu fat contains a high proportion of monosaturated oleic acid (also found in olive oil), which accounts for its buttery taste and moderate cholesterol."

Shimofuri is no doubt gourmet meat.

Good Shopping

It's not a mystery that shopping is both a body and mind exercise; lower limbs for walking from shop to shop, upper limbs for browsing and carrying, mind for decisions, decisions and more decision making. After having excessive good food, practice this exercise regimen to rid yourself of those guilt-trips.

On the way back to our hotel, the poo realised there's a clothes hanger dangling on one of her shopping bags. Not a surprise if u imagine all the hustling in a barely 2m wide,10m long store filled with 10-20 frenzied women. After dinner that night, whilst waiting for a taxi, the poo stared at her sore, worn-out feet and said the darnest thing, (stg along the line of..) "look at 'chu, such little feet and you have to support a 43kg me, and all you ask for are pretty shoes, i shall get you pretty shoes". Rofl..lol

Good Entertainment

So the poo can now enter clubs LEGALLY, though she had her id checked by several bouncers from the same club 'cos they refused to believe their colleague that she's 18. Helluva night, usually accompanied by a splitting headache the next day and uncontrollable bouts of nausea.

Good trip. Now back to the good ol' O.F.F.I.C.E. Slave for income for more holidays. eek


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