28 February 2007

MV Tung Hwang - The Cement Wreck

.Picture taken from British Sub-Aqua Club's website.

Cement Wreck is one of the 4 main wrecks (two WWII era and two post-war vessels) in Labuan discovered by Maurice Davidson. He wrote a book about the underwater beauty and diving in Bruneian waters, Laut Brunei-The Brunei Sea.

The MV Tung Hwang is a small freighter 92 metres in length which hit the Samarang Banks while freighting cement to Brunei for the construction of the Sultan's new palace. It sank on 25 September, 1980 without the loss of life and sits perfectly up-right on a hard sandy bottom in 32 metres. The masts are just eight metres below the surface at low tide and the roof of the wheelhouse is at 14 metres, with the main deck at 22 metres. Known as the perfect shipwreck, and the favourite shipwreck of well-known underwater photographer Michael Aw, harsh weather conditions is slowly taking a toll on the wreck.

This wreck is gorgeous, the top half of it is covered by a garden of soft and hard corals, sponges and ferns. Upon descending to the mast, you would normally be greeted by schools of small barracudas that patrol the wreck faithfully, and one or two playful batfish that are the friendliest towards divers.


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