22 February 2007

Love is in the air

Have you guys got anything planned? Where is he taking you? Have you bought anything? Some of the many questions people throw at you when valentines day draws near. There are several occassions where i would conjure up an image of myself draped in an oversized apron, hastily blending up a mixture, shoving the roasting tray into the oven, rubbing my eyes with onion-peeled fingers, cursing under my breath upon the stench of burnt meat.. all that just to prepare a splendid meal for my other half. I tingle with fear. It does not mean i hate cooking, in fact, i love cooking but at my own sweet time. I've a teeny weeny problem with time management in the kitchen. confused
Until now, my thoughts have remained as thoughts.

This year, i was told to keep myself occupied and to stay away from the kitchen. I was not to peep in the fridge, not to worry about lending a hand, and to just not ask too many questions about what's for dinner. Hrmmm, kwai kwai she she.

Food preparation started at 6pm. Time ticked by, slooooOOoowly, it seemed like forever and you know it's been forever when your tummy starts rumbling. Time to feed.

At 8.00pm, Caroline decided to make her hunger known.. she went to the kitchen to check the progress.. apparently the conversation went like this,
Rudy: "What are you doing here?"
Caroline: "When will dinner be ready? We're hungry"
Rudy: "Soon, just wait downstairs"
Caroline: "But the chicken's not even in the oven yet!!"
Rudy: "It only takes 20 minutes, can you just wait downstairs and make sure Lee dont eat junk food"
Caroline: "Well.. too late, she's already eating away"

While Caroline was questioning, i thought i could help set up the table but was amazed to find this:At 8.30pm,
Lee: *gasp* "You havent cooked the chicken? *gasp* Not even the lamb?"
Rudy: "You guys are not supposed to be here.."
(Lee walks around kitchen in disbelief, clutching her empty, empty stomach..)
Caroline: "What have you been doing???"
Sensing trouble, the chef sent us out to get pineapple juice... out of his way.

At roughly 9.30pm, Steph and Ling arrived.. just when dinner is finally ready. The chef sat us down and served us garlic bread (with fresh garlic! eerrrrr) followed by salmon carpaccio, then main course, the heavenly chicken breast in tarragon sauce.. ohmygod, this is by far the best recipe i've tasted, it beats vino-vinos' hands down. Tarragon + mustard = tasty bliss.. i totally shunned the lamb. Dessert is the deliciously sinful chocolate mousse. Whipped perfectly, it simply dissolves on the tongue but the flavour lingered on.. so good that it was savoured by the bowlful. Almost full to my chest, then came cheese and crackers, ohhh ran out of crackers, so just cheese.

The food was magnificient! The presentation was immaculate. The service was exceptional. It was all good.

We washed down our food with what-seemed-like endless shots of illusion, laughed, drank, laughed and drank the night away.

Thank you for a wonderful night.


blackdiamonds on February 25, 2007 at 2:28 AM said...

Rudy cooked all that? wow! I'm impressed! He's not just the cute lil' boy I remember from school :)

Lee on February 25, 2007 at 12:17 PM said...

Hahaha... he can cook up a storm, 'cept you're not placing any halter-neck or wrap-around apron mathingie around his neck.

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