03 February 2007

Alisa poo poo's 18th Birthday

Happy Birthday Poo

So Alisa gets to be the topic of my very 1st post! Poo poo is what i call her at home.. For weeks she's had her arms wide open all ready to embrace the 6th of February, the day she turns 18. To her, it's absolutely liberating. I get what you mean poo, i feel you.

Poo: "Yeayyyyy, i can finally get a driving license! I can drive myself around, yeayyy!"
Me (Silent thoughts): Yesssss, no more picking her up in the middle of sleepsville. And she can start chaffeuring me! *grin*

Poo: "My id can finally get me into clubs!!!"

Me (Silent thoughts): No more towering men to sneak her in, *relief*

Poo: "OOooo, i get to have my own credit card!!!"
Me (Silent thoughts): More exerciseee

Poo: "I can watch Never Been Kissed!!, hahaha"
Me (Silent thoughts): = ='

and it goes on and on...

Last friday night, she had some friends over for an advanced celebration. Their 1-10 must-haves for a good party includes the following:
1. Good food

What are we crowding around for? Camembert cheese on shittake mushroom mmmmm

2. Bar-b, drizzles wont hurt

It may have rained on their barbecue, it certainly did not dampened their spirits.

3. X-x-x-xtra cheesy cake

Mango cheesecake from Nicole topped with cheetos crunchy 'candles' that you can eat - dangerously cheesy, insanely cheesy.

4. Shit-stirrers

Zaty took the 1st plunge, though not at her own accord.

5. Do it the fear factor style

Poo did a number on Yvonne on her last birthday, and like they say revenge is sweet. "You must find something hard in this bowl, a bowl filled with gunky, slimy EARTHWORMS!" The poo's greatest nightmare is earthworms, she made Yvonne promised nothing of the 'worm' sort was in the bowl before she dunked her hand in. After all the eeees and the aaaas, the 'something hard' is a small ginger carved "We Love You". :) The black goo is merely grass jelly; it does have the effect of making u shiver in fear.

6. Synchronised giant strides

After several takes, i hope they've realised never to engage in any activities that require synchronisation.

7. Beautiful girls, that can take and throw a punch


8. Great friends

"Friends are beef bacon bits in the salad bowl of life."

9. Adult Supervision

Yvonne's dad felt compelled to check up on the young ones. We were compelled to keep the *drinks* away from his eyes. :P Us adults were supervising at one corner when Aida came over and said (in the least subtle manner) "it is age or when people grow older, they just dont want to play in the pool (have fun) anymore". >:\ We'll invite you to our next pool party and you judge for yourself k ;)

and last but not least...

10. Be sure not to drive or ensure you have a place to bunk at :)


on February 4, 2007 at 10:47 PM said...

HAHA do u realise my arm looks wonky in the first picture =) hee retarded ^_^ some pictures cannot see tho!

Lee on February 6, 2007 at 3:11 PM said...

i did realised that but then again i remembered during our scrapbooking class, that lady mentioned not to crop a person above their limbs. Either way you'll look cacat poo, so save me the trouble >:D

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