08 February 2007

Another one bites the dust

Happy Birthday Ling
xx 07.02.2007 xx

and Congratulations!

Steven had the whole thing planned, the perfect occassion - his birthday, the venue, the flowers, his family, a few friends, and most importantly, the ring. For most of us, the whole night was just eager anticipation for the moment. After dinner and birthday songs, Steven sneaked off to get the flowers whilst Steph being Steph (eventhough she cant drink) was up and about making the guys drink.

:The Moment:
Steph was standing with her back towards the door, Steven made his way over unnoticed.. well he made it close enough cos when all our eyes turned to him, Steph turned around. With a huge smile on his face, a bouquet of flowers on one hand, he walked towards Steph, reached into his pocket, - at the same time Steph was laughing and said "Mm hou wan yeh laaaa.." (in cantonese, which means dont fool around) - went on his knees and popped the life-time question "Will you marry me?" razz Steph said "Yes!"Another pair bites the dust...

Ein Ling has pretty much met his match. There's no one quite as perfect as Steph for him. She's twice the drink-pusher he is.

Pictures below can sum up what happened the rest of the night...

Steph and her best friend, Kelly

The rest of Steven and Stephanie's night, well.. u'd have to ask them wink

Oh Steph, make sure you go through the extent of your I-DO before you say I-do lol

Another wild hen's night coming up.


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