20 April 2007

The mysterious explorations of juicy

Was doing mailbox housekeeping when i came across something absolutely hilarious, a mail from JUSTIN LIMUS JUNIOR! He is one of my dearest friend, someone i love to hate, St.Andrew's Jughead, the bottomless pit, the most kiamsiap (stingy, he carries $5 with him at ALL times), the pharmacist, nuts about digital art, has the most unbelieavable imagination and the wickest sense of humour, draws comics that you'll laugh at and be addicted to, and bugs the hell out of fang fang.

I think he must have missed me that very day and decided to write me a short story with pictures to go along. I'm not kidding when i say he's got the wildest imagination.

"One day justine (I think justine is the overshadowed feminine side of himneutral) was getting ready to go to work. when he heard a meowing sound as if it came from a cat. so out he went from his old residence and there was the friendly neighbourhood cat, fiorella of which he had been calling fiorelli until his sister told him it was fiorella."

"Anyways fiorella approached him and wag its tail and magically a map fell out frm its tail! justine picked up the map and open it and it was a map that shows the exact location of hidden treasures!"

"Fiorella then rubbed itself against justine's leg."

"So off justine went using melbourne's public transport to this exotic place.
which is just 3-4 blocks up the street and got off the tram stop. for that is where the map said to stop."

"Justine saw the marker of the hidden treasure site! leeming place :O whata mystical and magical place. however he did not see any leemings about."

"At the base of this street sign... justine sawa note that said to find the hidden treasure u must try to climb the top of this slippery street sign to get ur treasure. (actually i wanted to pose with the street sign but it was too high so i had to climb to be in the pic with the sign. as u can see its very high and slippery) so at the top (i didnt make it to the top) he found a white psp !! wooo (why a psp u wonder. He has been bugging me to buy him a white psp for years... i never did but i bought him a nice kogepan t-shirt! biggrin "

He draws comics that is inspired by his daily life, significant and insignificant objects around him, pretty girls with nice-smelling hair, his friends, as well as his enemies. I dont know why but he removed a whole series of comics from his comic site. WHY juicy?!? It's only left with two entries made a week ago, but i promised it will make you laugh. Check it out here.

Darlis and I were crazy about neopets at one point and he forced himself to eat McD meals to get us this. Lis got an Aisha, and i got a sad donkey! rolleyes

Oh. Did i mention he's a Jay Chow wannabe? These pictures were his attempt at Australian Idol's 3rd season... in his room... and he was his own judge.

Come home Juicy!


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