05 April 2007


Yesterday, i muddled through.

Yesterday was one of those days.

I did not wake up feeling like the happiest person alive. Infact, i woke up feeling like life could be better.

A conversation with a friend this evening triggered alot of memories, brought back to life moments long gone and dreams swept far away.

As i started the engine, ready to head over to a friend's for dinner, this song starts playing on Kristal Fm,

"Love it has so many beautiful faces
Sharing lives and sharing days
My love it had so many empty spaces
Im sharing a memory now I hope thats how it stays....."
Forever Love by Gary Barlow.

My favourite song of all time, playing on the radio, i had to sit back and listen.

I texted my friend and told her my favourite song is on, and to listen to 90.7!

And next thing you know, Gwen Stefani's Cool started playing.

I think i've played this song a zillion times at one point in my life. I told her it must be all her sadness that's gotten in me and the whole world.

There was calmness in the air around me, and that made me feel out of place. I think i'm calm, but i dont believe i am.

Everthing seems alright but one can still feel this way.

What ifs, What nots, Had you, Had you not, Rewind, Piece by piece, Would you again, What ifs.

It was just one of those days.

P/S: I'm diving tomorrow :)


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