02 April 2007

My pumpkins

yMilo, who used to watch tv with me when i was back for holidays, left for the four-legged heaven last year. My mum made my old man promise her "no more dogs".
One day during dinner, he unconsciously brought up the sensitive topic "Beagles are so cute, u know, those one they have in Perth airport.. Maybe we shld get a companion for bobo hoh..(At this point his eyes lit up, his smile turned from me to my mum) or..or Jack Russells from The Mask movie? bobo's so lonely, followed by a *deep sigh*". My mum shot him the 'dont-you-dare' look, pouring out all the heartaches and sleepless nights she went through. *dead silence* and dinner went on.

Hunky dory blue-eyed bobo has no one to hump now; they're both males but bo2 somehow thinks trying eases his urge. So once in a while, you see him clutching all fours on my old man's leg.

After a stressful day, the first thing that puts a smile on my face when i reach home is seeing my old man taking a walk with bobo, bobo taking a crap and cleaning his bum on the grass.


blackdiamonds on April 4, 2007 at 11:58 AM said...

Do you make your dog wear clothes, bling and mickey mouse ears like I do?

Lee on April 4, 2007 at 4:53 PM said...

My old man and i contemplated a zillion times to buy outfits for our dogs everytime we visit a petshop. Unfortunately we never did cos milo will smell like u-dont-wanna-know. BLING on my dogs?!? It will never get pass the old man. But we do trim and style every week. Appearance do count. haha..

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