14 April 2007

Another day underwater

Today is one of the very few days i woke up at 4am instead of staggering to bed. What usually takes me a great amount of effort and self-persuasion, to get up for work even at 7am, seems effortless. I dont know why but i think i'm excited about my dive this morning. I'm joining Caroline and 3 other JIS students in their 1st open water dive. So it's another day of absolute freedom where i can linger at a spot looking for macro life without worrying about boring my buddy to death.

Yesterday, Caroline told me she kept swallowing water during her pool lesson. I hope she does fine in the open sea today, because it'd be a real bummer if she gets put off by diving because of that. Just because. There's so much beauty underwater that it is worth every single drop of saltwater you swallow.

I just took a peep out the window, and the skies' covered with thick clouds.

Please dont rain.


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