22 April 2007

I suck at babysitting

My godson is growing by the minute. Everytime i see him, he's grown somemore. Eventhough i kept telling the mumma how much i anticipate the day he starts walking and talking, a part of me shudders at the thoughts of endless "WHY" questions. *shudders*

Someone once asked me what do i know about being a godmother. He said "godparents are supposed to act as spiritual guides, show them the right way kinda thing you know". I didnt know that. I thought being a godmother is me willing and wanting to look after that someone special. Play the good cop, bad cop with the mumma. The one to sneak him some chocolate when mum's not looking. Be actively involved in their life and making sure they are alright, because he means the world to someone who means the world to me. Is that right? I know nothing about being a spiritual guide.

I spent the whole afternoon with Lucas yesterday. He was having nenen + almost fast asleep when i went over. But lis assured me his afternoon naps usually last about 20 minutes. So we decided to get some shut eye too before we head over to Jungle Gym with Mel. We dozed off with cheeky bom between us. True enough, he woke up half hour later and i caught him looking at me.

Mel and her toddlers, Lis and Lucas, and I headed to jungle gym with no expectations of the madness in store. There was a birthday party going on. There were laughter, screams, skippytoes, cries, Nellie the elephant, pigtails, parents with SLRs, and SLUSH!! I love slush. But yeah, i havent been around that many children for a while.

Anyways, Kaiyum wanted to play in the pen so i tagged along with the intention of watching over him. We started off with shooting foam balls, picking up balls and shooting more foam balls aimlessly. I think to myself, hey, this is not too bad....

Until kaiyum decided to explore the maze. I had to run after him like a duck! Body bent, head tilted, back.is.about.to.snap. And other children are running about with no guidance. It is built and made for children afterall, isnt it! Supposed to be accident-proof, no? After a good 20minutes, i managed to persuade Kaiyum that he needed a break, "Let's get a drink and have some chips, ok?" He smiled and nodded. Thank god.

h Alisa poopoo finally got her driving license last Saturday. Sadly, i'm not her 1st passenger, hmpf. And early at this stage, she's already discovered road rage in her. eek
How time flies. We first met when she was 11. And our first conversation went like this,
Poops: "Do you eat turtle eggs?"
Me: "No way! That's evil"
Poops: "Good. I dont too. But coco and mummy does"

I feel old.

Kids are starting to call me auntie instead of cheche.


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