11 July 2007

New dive blogs!

Wee.. my teddy bum has finally transitioned from Msnspace to Blogspot. She's a Dive Master trainee, and also one of the "every-week-have-to-dive" manics. She's been to more dive sites than any one of us have! Follow her underwater and overland too...

.Golfaholic turned divaholic.
She's the yellow banana. From yellow wetsuit to yellow gloves to yellow fins. From golfing to diving, she's got the tan that most would die for. From the 1st day she dived into the mystical blue sea, she's found the sport of her life.

Her camera: G7

Even when we dive at the same site, we each see different things, we each interpret our surroundings differently, we each have our own moment of peace and excitement, we each tell our own story.


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