13 July 2007

First breath underwater

Pretty upset at the moment. For those in BSB, if you look out your window or when you see your astro-channel flicker, you'll probably guess why. The weather has been in a foul mood. It's driving me nuts.
At times it'd rain on weekdays when you would give anything not to get up for work and just snuggle in like those good old uni days. You'd think "why weekdays!"
Then you get your wish.. it'd rain on weekends when u can sleep the morning away, but wash away all hopes of a dive trip. Again, you'd think "why weekends!!"

Just goes to show we can never really be satisfied.

The rain's sweeping roads outside, astro blacked out, cushion on my back, laptop on my lap, feet propped up, i started a massive-dive-pictures-folder-cleanup. I found pictures of the day I took my first breath underwater. I'm so proud of me! Muhuuhuu.

It all started in 2003, when my munkey took me snorkelling in Pulau Manukan, KK.

I basically FREAKED OUT. He had to piggyback me and swim until we were deep enough so my feet were a safe distance away from those disgusting seacucumbers. I loved what i saw. I got nibbled by fishes, my back got burnt, he skin dived down to get a closer look at the corals - i had no guts, my heart tapdanced as we drifted further into deeper waters. The unknown can make you pee your pants. I clung on to him like a leech. BUT i love what i saw.

I thought the best way to overcome my fear is to go all the way..i.e. to dive.

Two years down the road i met Caryn and BH; one totally smitten with the marine world from her discovery dive in M'sia, one out of curiousity, we found Instructor Norman and began what is now our obsession with anything that breathes and lives underwater.

Persuaded JPMC to let us use their pool for our confined water lesson. Muhuuhuu.

Newbies: Me, Caryn, Boon Hui, Charles, Wadean, and Hj Harith.
.Cameraman: Norman Lim.

.Yea, me holding a starfish.. wont die k.
.Cameraman: Chris Tsen.

I cannot believe my eyes when i saw what i was diving in. Long-sleeve t-shirt, short pants! and two-coloured fins. Ultimate coolness. heeheehee. Were we not cold at all??
No diving for me this week. Hence no dive pics. Sorry.

I'll be travelling overland to Perth for a week this Monday. Fingers crossed that i can fit Ningaloo Reef into my itinerary then we all get to see whalesharks!

Quote Woofhams, who is as crazy about running as i am about diving,
"I have an addiction. But i do not have a problem."



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