24 July 2007

Boys can be lovable

When i was in Fremantle markets, i picked up some fake lavenders that i intend to use as decorations on a coffee table. It costs $3 for a bunch of 10 measly stalks. I bought 4 bunch very reluctantly while convincing myself they look pretty real. That very night, i heard distant hysterical laughs that was soon stomping towards me... "look what we found!!" Cupped in the hands of the boys were bunches and bunches of lavenders, fresh lavenders, real lavenders! I choked and ran into my room to grab the ones i bought earlier. Put them side by side. I wanted to throw up. My lavenders that looked pretty real that morning looked disgustingly fake now and has no scent or whatsoever at all! "where did you guys find this?"
"At the park? By the road?"
"Near someone's house"
"You picked it from someone's house??"
"No, it's just out there"
"You didnt go into their compound?"
"No, it's at the garden infront of their house"
"You're not supposed to do that, what if they see you!"
"We ran very fast"
"Well, it's not nice to pick flowers from other people's garden."

The night before i return to Brunei, the boys went on a lavender-picking mission for me. Partly because i really wanted 'em real lavenders. redface I'm horrible!

Late into the night the boys will cook indomee, that never fails to fill a croaking stomach, for themselves and for me. When grandfather woke up in the middle of the night, Zachary will cook him oats and make sure he's full and warm.

During this trip, i learnt a few things from the boys.
  • I learnt that i no longer want to have as many as 5 children that i've always wanted when i start a family.
  • I learnt that behind all the madness and testosterone, there are moments when boys are sensible beyond your expectations and have the kindest hearts.
  • I learnt that children, although young, has hearts big enough to care for their elders.
A week came and left in the blink of an eye. I'm back in Brunei now. A part of me is so looking forward to work and dive, a part of me miss the greens and beautiful riverside drives in Perth. I've always regarded Perth as my home away from home. But going back there without my uni friends and others around felt abit empty.
  • I learnt that Home isnt just where your heart is, but also where your friends and family are.

Esp. for Kim

Kim, when Natalie and I first introduced pole dancing to her a year ago, is now Felix.. our very own Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006 answering the kids' million-and-one questions about Kid, her racing greyhound. Cecilia and I went to see her performance and all i can say about it is Sizzling Hot. Pole dancing is hot on women's list these days as a different form of fitness training that can also help them work with their sensuality and their sense of artistic expressions as women. We're so proud of you Kim.


Anonymous said...

Boo! Glad you enjoyed your holiday in Perth. Makes me aching to go back. hehehe.

:8- p

Lee on July 27, 2007 at 11:37 AM said...

Thanks boo! hehe go back! go back and fish at south mole :P

anakbrunei on July 29, 2007 at 10:00 PM said...

Oooo... your pics make me pine even more to be back in Perth... :(

Lee on July 30, 2007 at 12:21 AM said...

Anakbrunei, you saying that makes me miss Perth a hundred million times more right now :(

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