10 July 2007

Across the border

I found out that Nick has to exit Malaysia to get his passport stamped, and had planned for a KK-Limbang-Brunei-stamp passport and take the next ferry out-Limbang-KK schedule. How ridiculous is that now that you've actually got friends in Brunei. So i persuaded him to stay for a night. Picked him up from Muara town's jetty and went on to embarass myself 20 minutes into our conversation.

.Supposedly heading back to Bandar.

Me (silent thoughts): "Hmmm, where the hell are we?"
Me (upon seeing Empire street sign): "Ohhh, we're at Empire. This is Brunei's Resort Hotel and Country Club..."
.Nick looks around.
Me realising i've missed the Berakas/Airport exit, and trying to salvage the situation: "Ahhh.. we dive with the Dive Center here sometimes, let me show you around."
Nick: "Great..."


Then the dive bums brought him across the border to the place where... glass bottles clink, food is served from one end to the other end of your table, you compete to be the loudest table, you find out who has good blood circulation and who's the poker face, and where the common word is "limmmmmmm".

Nick's sold. He's definitely staying the next time he needs a stamp. Muhuuhuu.

See you in 3 months' time. razz


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