21 May 2007

Wedding bells

.Diana and Gavin. .Ryan and Christine.

Last Saturday, i drove from home to Dome to Dave's house. At both destination, we celebrated the love of two couples. Diana and Gavin were highschool sweethearts. That afternoon we dug out old pictures of them, pictures of the day they first met! They were both leaning on the side of a car, close enough so their shoulders touch, Diana hunch her arms together.. with the shy cheeky smile thinking 'ooooh, he's so hawt and i'm taking a picture with him', Gavin, with the middle parting hair (Diana calls them wings) trying to look as cool as he possibly can thinking 'girl, you just made my day'.
.This is my intepretation of the picture, it could well be 'eww, cant believe they made me take a picture with HIM.' '


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