21 May 2007

Wedding bells

Last Saturday, i drove from home to dome to dave's house. At both destination, we celebrated the love of two couples.

.Diana and Gavin. They were highschool sweethearts. That afternoon, we dug out old pictures of them, and found a picture of the day they first met. They were both leaning on the side of a car, close enough so their shoulders touched, Diana hunched her shoulders a lil' bit, had that cheeky smile thinking 'ooohh, he's so hot', and Gavin with the middle-parted hair (Diana calls it WINGS) trying to look as cool as he possibly can thinking 'what a babe, i'm gonna make her mine'.

.This is my intepretation of the picture. It could well be 'Ew, this is the worst punishment ever, taking a picture with HIM.' 'Wonder how my hair looks'.

Whatever was going through their minds that day, i bet they never thought they'd end up loving each other this long and ever after.

The first question we naturally ask when someone tells you they're engaged is - how did he propose?? If you wanna know, you should ask Diana! Dont think she minds telling it for the 100th time. haha. Peepers, it involved pissing her off in the beginning, rose petals leading a cake, her thinking she has to eat the whole cake to find the ring, a white rose, a diamond ring in the white rose and "Diana, will you marry me?"

.Ryan and Christine. They met during Xmas Eve 2005 at Terrace Hotel through a mutual friend. She got pissed drunk that night and he took care of her. They hung out. He told her about this book he's reading "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". She went back to Singapore, bought the book and read it. Phone calls later, he realised what she did and was surprised at how genuine this woman is. She thought he's the most sensitive and caring guy she's ever met.

One year from the day they met, they decide to celebrate Xmas Eve 2006 with Christine's staff in Dome and close friends. At the strike of twelve, he read out to her an absolutely touching message, about how she changed his life and his wish to spend forever with her. There were tears. He serenaded her Teresa Teng's famous "Yue liang tai piao wo de xing" (The moon represents my heart). And she said "YES!"

(Loose translation from the web)
You ask how deeply I love you,
and just how great my love is.
My affection is real,
and my love is true.
The moon represents my heart.

You ask how deeply I love you,
and just how great my love is.
My affection does not waver
and my love doesn't change.
The moon represents my heart.

So soft was the kiss
that has moved my heart.
Such a deep affection
makes me long for you now.

You ask how deeply I love you,
and just how great my love is.
Consider this,
and look above.
The moon represents my heart.

Christine and Ryan registered their marriage on Saturday, 19th May 2007.


blackdiamonds on May 23, 2007 at 7:59 PM said...

Di & Gav's so much more stylo mylo than mine :p Bollywood wedding anyone?

Lee on May 24, 2007 at 9:17 AM said...

Yours is 100% NATURAL woman. Haha...

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