13 May 2007

We meet again

Day: Friday, 11 May 2007 - Day Dive
Crew: Myself, Caryn, Steven, Matt, David, Eng (Instructor) and Bala, the Boatman
Dive Site: Mel's Reef @ Little Dale
Viz: V.Good ~15m
Max Depth: ~12m
Dive Time: ~80m & 60m
.Blah, result of U/W settings on land.

It was a beautiful beautiful morning! I was so surprised to see Steven, he's back in his wetsuit after a nasty ear infection. And we got delayed a tad bit by David, Empire's guest from the UK, whose precious sleep is way more important than diving.eek

Matt, 3rd from left, demanded to be masked because he was supposed to be somewhere else on that day, could it be the office? lol. He's a BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) diver, seen eagle rays and whalesharks in Brunei AND has dived with the infamous Maurice Davidson who not only discovered the 4 great wrecks (two WWII era and two post-war vessels) in Labuan but also penned the book "Laut Brunei - The Brunei Sea". Sigh, but i'm going to Sipadan in 2 weeks! Hmpf.

We finally set out close to 10am. A few hundred metres later, Caryn saw dolphins. Who says there are no dolphins in Brunei? I've seen and dived with them. So dont be surprised when you look out your hotel room in Empire one day and see dolphins frolicking close to shore. wink

Viz is thumbs up. We could see the bottom of 12m from our boat, though water's still slightly green. For obvious reasons Caryn's my buddy... macromanics. Muuhuuhuu. The minute we deflate and started our descend, i saw baby squids bobbing along the anchor line.

.Adorable. Big Sista's flared up - an indication of defence.

And before i hit the bottom, a thick school of fusiliers swarmed past me. wOoh. I knew then "i'm gonna love this dive".

We meet again! Mr. Starry pufferfish. Gahh.. He's totally camera-shy, constantly turning his right cheek at me.. either that or he's mastered the art of angle-posing.

They are white with numerous small black spots that become relatively smaller and more numerous as the they grows. Feeds on sea urchins, crustaceans, sponges, coral and algae. And guess how big can they grow? Up to 1.2m in length. Gahh..

The pictures are getting better people, though it can be much better, it's improving. Improvement is good. biggrin

.Anemone shrimp - real proud of his bootie.

Feast your eyes on this nudis! Gone were the days when i took the time to id each of them, it's just too time-consuming. So i ordered this book, 1001 Nudibranchs online. Ivan kindly arranged for it to be shipped to Brunei. Thank you so much!

After what felt like some time, Steven signalled to me he's running out of air and that he's going up. I returned an "OK" and stayed on with Caryn. When we finally surfaced, i got a shock! We were both down for a good 80mins, with substantial air left. Opps. The bottom time is usually 45 mins or surface when you've hit 50 bar. Steven said we're both got gills and wonder why we just STARE at corals. Muhuuuhuu.


Marine life was aplenty. Nudis were everywhere. Stomachs were filled with nasi katok and cheezels. Eng got bitten by a titan triggerfish. We loved Eng's rashguard. I got sick and threw up. Everyone's happy with the dive. We got back to shore at 3pm.


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