07 May 2007

Free what?

*Ring ring.... ring ring*
Me: "Helluuu babe"
Lis: "Babe, HSBC has this promotion thing going on at Vincci, buy 1 pair of shoes, you get another free"
Me: "Yea, i heard it on the radio earlier today. Hey, does that mean you buy 10 pairs, you get 10 pairs free?"
Lis: *Excited gasp* "Waaa, gila dat babe!"
Me: "I know... you'd better check with them"
Lis: "Ok, i'll call you back"

*Ring ring.... ring ring*
Lis: "You wish la babe, 1 credit card is only entitled to 1 free pair of shoes"
Me: "Cheh..."
Lis: "Hahaha...."

So we brought our other half with us. Brought my mum. Hustle bustle. Not quite as fun when you get "sorry, no size. sorry, last pair."


Danura on May 8, 2007 at 3:31 PM said...

Go Lis go!!


Pandachu on May 8, 2007 at 3:37 PM said...

So how many u end up buying?

Lee on May 8, 2007 at 5:41 PM said...

Only 2, 1 of which is free. Hehe..

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