10 September 2008

One for my babies

This post is dedicated to my babies at work. Eventhough the stress level of our team has surpassed the acceptable range, most of us are still maintaining our cool.

This post is for a good laugh.

The 1st day of training. Jerry may look terrified but he aced it.

The multi-purpose PM.
The bloody photocopier wouldnt cooperate with Afshah, so i went on my knees.

.I hate copiers. Papers and photocopiers have a life of their own! They are both vengeful!

.Afshah, the amazing trainer.
.Fely and Boon are supposedly friggin' stressed but why do i see a smile on Boon's face??.
Note to Nonnie: this is the area where your Bobby sits, and where he gets influenced.

.And an even wider grin on Siaw Wei's face. I heard from Fely that she has been giggling by herself when building new pages.
And one day, when i wanted to check her progress, guess what she showed me...

So this is why...

2 more weeks of these madness, or shall i say fun.


Z.M said...

Aww so kesian.. I do wish u all (project team members) d best =)
PS. if this project is making u crazy u can alwez opt to be a photocopier technician *hahahaha* =P

Lee on September 15, 2008 at 2:06 PM said...

Zaki, u the sweetest u know that, NOT!

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