08 September 2008

The inhumane death sentence

In my previous post, i wanted so much to tell people that dogs do not deserve the kind of death sentenced upon them. But i fell short of that by just venting, rather than really educating people of what they can do to avoid these gruesome acts.
I lost my Milo the same way too. Day in day out what we fed him came back out in seconds, day in day out we tried to make him comfortable, day in day out we have to watch him writhe in agony. No one could help and you cant resist but curse the real murderer who is probably smirking and boasting how he poisoned the dog that wouldnt stop barking at him. He resorted to poisoning my dog within the gates of our home.

The wretched pain is not just watching him die slowly and painfully before our eyes and in my dad's arms , but watching the helplessness of our family, flashbacks of his growth, the anger of losing him to jerks,... losing a loyal and protective companion....

The poo and i also lost Garfield, a pup we adopted 2 years back to poisoning. And just 2 weeks ago, my other half's Scooby Doo got poisoned right outside their house and they are left with nothing but unanswered "Why.s??" A dog that lives at the interest of his owners, a dog that protects his owners. Why would anyone resort to these measures? The thought of that person buying the poison, the thought of that person planning the whole process, the thought of that person wishing death upon these dogs.. sickens me! There is simply no justification for taking away the life of other people's loved ones purposefully, there is simply no justification great enough for punishing them this way.

I cant put these in words louder than this man can. I hope this video of his can put some right to the wrongs that some are committing.

No doubt, there are strays in our neighbourhoods. Some may grow up to be fierce and most probably can be attributed to the abuse they received from passerbys. Can you blame them for their basic survival instincts? I think there are some things which is still within our control.

If you chance upon stray puppies, send them to the local animal shelter. Call Kirsteen on 8830556 or email Kirsteen@a-font.com. I'm sure she can help. They have put in great effort to setup this shelter. And authorities can DEFINITELY do their part to help reduce the population of street dogs responsibly, i.e. if they care enough!

Simply because dogs are not pest, and above and beyond what they offer in return to their masters for love, food and care, dogs has helped the blind, dogs are companions to the aged, dogs can teach humans a thing or two about loyalty and perseverance!


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