10 September 2008

Creatures on Black

Underwater images on black is my favourite type of shoots of all time. These on-black portraits shots are some I've captured at night in Brunei waters as well as during daylight, which can be achieved with correct settings.

I thought i've seen them all, until I saw Joshua Lambus' portfolio. I am completely in awe with the creatures he shot. So much so i want to go where he went so i can see them for myself! Or in greedier tones, i want an aquarium filled with these out-of-the-world aliens glowing in the midst of complete darkness. Huu huu huu.

.With his permission, these are what he found off the coast of Kona Hawaii (one of the most remote land mass in the world).
Facts: Depth of water - 2000-7000 ft deep (700-2500 meters)
Migration path of creatures: Live at bottom by day and travel to surface by night.
Creature size: Most are no larger than a postage stamp.

Check out more of his works on flickr. They're remarkable!


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