21 April 2008

Where's my hot guy?

One of my highschool friend, Pao Ju, frequently holds facebook Photo Competitions and Jyy Wei suggested I submit this particular picture to her Portrait segment.

*** What is a Portrait? ***
In the simplest definition a portrait is a likeness of someones face.

Portraits mean a lot more to most people, however. A portrait should capture more than just the likeness of a person. A portrait should also show their personality, or their character. A portrait is usually considered to be flattering to the subject. A portrait is a collaboration between the photographer and the subject.

.So it won.

Here are some of the voters thoughts:
Pao-Ju Tien (London)
#2 choice: beautifully captured and very nice tones. the reflection in the window looks like the boy's inner self looking in, while he is looking out. mesmerising indeed... love it!!

Christophe Ng Kwing King (Columbia)
#1 choice: the reflection seems to capture the boy's inner self. I am impressed !

Jyy-Wei (Brunei)
#1 choice: I love this shot. It captures such a simple yet beautiful moment.

Shelley Chen
#1 choice: this is a great shot. I love it!! as if the boy is connecting to his inner self or his soul... a profounding moment...

Gary Lai (IBM)
#1 choice: creative atmosphere

Kenneth Yu (London)
#1 choice, because of the difficulty in composing a shot like this. You had to be there at exactly the right time, when the window was frosted up with the boy's breath, and the boy was blinking. And photoshop it perfectly to get the glow, giving it that ethereal feel without looking fake.

Stephen Lok
#1 choice: Makes you think

Shiu Lai Ng (London)
#2 choice - amazingly captured! It feels like one of those rare precise moments when everything just falls into place for the perfect foto

*** What do I win? ***
Again the same as last time. The prize is a hot guy or hot chic, your choice :) Please note that 'hot' is a subjective word.

So where's my hot guy, Pao Ju??


Gabriel on April 27, 2008 at 1:19 AM said...

Love it. Congrats!

Lee on April 28, 2008 at 8:32 AM said...

Thanks Gab! =) on April 30, 2008 at 2:29 PM said...

That would have been a winning shot in any competition LM! Well done!

Lee on April 30, 2008 at 2:33 PM said...

Thanks Reed =)

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