18 April 2008

Chilling in Bangaland

29 - 2nd Jan 2008

Our last few days in Bangalore was ... what can i say ... enjoyable. We had our own driver, our own accommodation, wake up whenever we please, there was no chase for time, chilling at Caryn's balcony enjoying our Goan music and the cold breeze of winter end. It was pleasant, it was homey.
.You cannot possibly fathom how happy both my stomach and I were when i bite into my first Mcdonald burger and crunch those chips. No more indian food for me, wo pu yao!

.The worst food i've had in India is Maggi Masala. It is gross to the maximum. Gahhhhh.

.Products of our shopping - a cowboy and home-cooked food.

We were supposed to continue our south India journey to Chennai or Mysore, but you'd agree with Caryn if you saw our faces when we returned from north India. "Condemn" is how she termed us. We looked like we've just fought a war rather than been on a holiday.

.So we toured Bangalore.

.At Kemp Fort temple. Read more at my babe's.

.TGI Friday's - yummy ribs!.

Leela Palace.

New Year's Eve.
.Accenture office!.

There's a lil' stg that i'd like to share with you guys.
1. Do not be alarmed at the way people honk in India. It's considered a courtesy. They beg of you to "Please Sound Horn!"
2. Pack all sorts of medication with you, we were lucky we didnt need any, but you never know!
Dettol wipes are a MUST - you'll develop a tendency to wipe every single thing you touch cos they all look so dusty. Mosquitoes repellents are a MUST - them mozzies are kingkong size. Tissue papers are an absolute MUST - you dont wanna be using smelly water after your no.2.

3. Bring your own lighter if you're a smoker. It is close to IMPOSSIBLE to find a lighter in India. Or else, you can do what my buddy did, pocket as many matches as you can at your hotel.

When i look back at my India trip, i've had some really good and some chilling moments. But it all adds up to a wonderful experience that'll remain vivid in my memory for a long time. Thanks to my babe, that of all places had to be posted to Bangalore, hence making an improbable India happen for us. And I totally adore her tiny, sweet and charming driver Selvar!

Last Christmas and New Year was indeed different and adventurous!

To those who's been contemplating a visit to India, you should take up the challenge. It's worth it.


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