29 April 2008


- You have an appointment at the local hospital at 11.00am.
- You arrived at 10.45am, register and pay, only to sit and wait until 11.45am for your turn.
- You enter the room to a doctor who's slouching on his seat with his eyes half-open.
- His sitting posture looks like he's just about to slide off his oh-so-comfortable chair.
- He is so effin' lazy that he cant get his $*% off his seat to put the xray on the light panel that is less than a metre away. Instead he choose to stretch his arm annoyingly to reach it.
- He then explains the results to you with his eyes closed whilst swaying his oh-so-comfortable chair left and right.

Disregarding the waiting time, what happened to the professionalism of doctors?? That is such a put-off! I left fuming and wishing i've smacked him across the head twice.

.It's the time of the month.


Steven Goh said...

I rather turn up in a Nasi Katok shop to get my prescription than RIPAS since I do not have the patience for them!

Trace on May 20, 2008 at 11:44 AM said...

Only people who uses the clinic/hospital to waste time can tolerate the wait.

Lee on May 21, 2008 at 1:18 AM said...

Some departments really do provide good and prompt follow-ups, but some are just a complete mess! And what's the whole idea of getting a 10-minute consultation but having to wait 1 hr for your prescription. I know we have the luxury of complaining but seriously someone ought to kick their ass.

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