23 August 2007

Sea sick pills

Day: Sunday, 19 August 2007 - Day Dive
Crew: Myself, Andrew, Anny, Catherine, Cindy, Ya Ping, Yong, Lisa, Cik Azli, Uwais, Hj Kula and 5 other divers
Dive Site: Bolkiah Wreck and TAC Reef
Viz: Good
Max Depth: 22m
Dive Time: 56m & 60+m

It was a great dive. Good visibility, good crowd, good weather. Although sometimes good weather and calm seas does not guarantee you wont get balance disorder. I find it weird and quite unexplainable that sometimes even in the absence of rough seas, one can still feel nauseous. Somehow, it reminded me of moments when everything may seem right in life, but it doesnt mean you're complete.

I've got quite a number of pictures to show, and i think they can speak for themselves better than i can write.

.Cowry with egg capsules; each capsule can hold up to 20 eggs or more.

.This cluster of featherstars really caught my eye. It signifies indifference. It signifies unison.

.I caught sight of this solo saddleback anemonefish and was very intrigued by the way he swims. His tail flaps vigorously and his body sways with such flambouyance that mimics that of a juvenile sweetlips. I began filming him, slowly he led me to his nest. But he got fierce and was very adamant that i leave his babies alone. Little does he know i pose no threat.
.Anemone shrimp and baby saddleback.

.Toon calls this a 'sexy shrimp'. They dance with their backside tilted up, bounce left, bounce right, bounce left, bounce right.


.Andrew spotted a pair blackray shrimp goby. That was what he came to this site for. It was a funny sight. Andrew, Anny and myself were planted on the sandbed side by side, inching our way towards the shrimpgoby.. short of holding our breath we tried to minimise movement as much as we can. I laughed to myself when i realised how ridiculous we must have looked if seen by a diver from above. I love this kind of challenge.
.Before we could get close enough for our liking, he darted back into his burrow. So we dispersed and went on our search for other things, then two orange-dashed goby appeared before me... muching away at whatever it was on the sand. And slowly led me back to the blackray shrimpgoby who had reappeared! Amazing!

.I couldnt get close enough for a sharper shot but he is a beauty.

.Before this dive, Anny mentioned she's never seen nemo eggs. That sat on my mind and i was determined to show her. Towards the end of our dive, i saw an anemone. Without much expectations, i lifted the edge of it and saw this clutter of red bijis with black dots. AhhhhHHhh.
.Nemo eggs!!!!. Anny was contented.

.They are usually closely packed, this pack looks like they've lost some siblings to hungry fishes. The black dots are their eyes. Amazing huh!!
Oh and they remind me of the capsules in Dr.Mario!


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