15 August 2007

Lembeh Straits, Indonesia (12 - 20 October 2007)

Lembeh has been on the top of our must-go list for a while now, finally it is about to become a reality.

.Picture taken from www.divetheworldindonesia.com.

Dive Trip
12th to 20th October 2007 - 8 nights, 20 boat dives and unlimited shore dives

Why Lembeh?
One of, if not, the best dive sites in the world for Macros

Lembeh is famously referred to as the "Muck Mecca", and claimed by many to be the best destination on the planet for exotic critter diving, macro or muck diving. It is one of every photographer's dream site where they get the opportunity to capture shy critters such as the mimic octopus, flambouyant cuttlefish, harlequin shrimps, hairy frogfish, innumerable nudibranchs, pygmy seahorse, sea robins, snake eels, and many more. It is said that no more than a few breaths go by between one bizarre and exhilarating sight and the next.

Excellent visibility

For people who are not familiar with MUCK diving, first impression at the mention of it might trigger thoughts of dirty muddy water, poo, hence YUCK. :P "MUCK" in Lembeh is referenced to a very special kind of soil or sub-strata. Muck is the remnants of lava and volcanic ash when it is broken and grinded into sandy grains. An interesting note is when you find lots of limestone, you will usually get very clean water with fantastic visibility. It is found that the northern and western parts of lembeh are limestone and visibility are generally in excess of 30 meters.

Exotic creatures

The Lembeh Strait is adorned with long stretches of black sand beaches which means the sea is filled with black sand. These sand are of volcanic origin whose activities changes the oxygen/nitrogen/hydrogen contents of the air, land and water. Such changes have an evolutionary effect on life - fauna and flora. This muck is very high in nutrition which is one of the many reasons that give way to such a great variety found here in North Sulawesi. Thus the best place to look for strange and exotic creatures are near volcanoes and black sand beaches. It is also auspiciously located in the famed “Coral Triangle”, which boasts the greatest marine biodiversity on the planet.

Who should go?
People with an eye for the smaller and mysterious creatures of the sea. People who wish to see beyond the norm and discover the secret creations of mother nature.

Dive group size: 10-15 pax
5 confirmed
3 to be confirmed
7-10 more seats available!

Dive Resorts
We are currently torn between two resorts;
A. Black Sand Dive Retreat
B. Nomad Adventure Divers

Black Sand Dive Retreat
Black Sand Dive Retreat is a small, 6-cottage resort built to focus on personal attention both above and below the water. Each coconut-wood bungalow offers wondrous views over Kambahu Bay and Lembeh Strait. The bedroom is equipped with both a ceiling fan and a/c for your comfort, with complimentary drinking water, coffee and tea close at hand. Each unit also has a walk-in closet to keep bags and belongings organized and out of the way as well as a walled open-air “Bali-style” garden bathroom with a hot water shower to help divers reheat after long repetitive dives.

Their Main Building is where meals are prepared and served, with dining guests treated to panoramic views out over the strait.

- Blacksand Resort has some of the best dive sites right off their beach; Hairball 3, TK1, and TK2. Our unlimited shore dives will be extremely fruitful. They claimed regular encounters at their shore dives are frogfish( (9 species), mimic octopus, hairy octopus, wonderpus, flambouyant cuttlefish, pipefish (robust, delicate, velvety, etc), pipehorse, dragonnets, innumerable nudibranch, rays and many more.

- Their dive guides are under the supervision of Resort Manager Bruce Moore, who's a frequent contributor to the Scuba Diver Australasia magazine and has spent more time underwater in Lembeh than any foreigner.

Diving package is double that of Nomad.
8 Nights/20 Dives: USD1415 pp (twin share) *unlimited shore dives
10 divers and above: 1 guest stays and dives free. Hence: USD 1273.5
Under a dive club, i.e. Divebums, additional 10% off: USD1146.15

.Picture taken from Nomad Adventures.

Note: Black Sand Dive Resort is a new resort and has scheduled to be built and ready for accomoding divers by the end of July. We're still awaiting pictures of its completed phase to get a better idea of how the resort looks like.

Nomad Adventure Divers

Nomad Adventure Divers is an Eco friendly resort in the heart of Lembeh Strait. Located in a small natural bay, its prime location makes it perfect for a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Here one will find numerous internationally acclaimed photographers returning year after year, hunting those truly unique critters rarely seen in other regions of the world. The resort is managed by friendly, professional spanish couple Sandra and Jo, who have dedicated their entire life to the tourism industry and are passionate about diving.

.Pictures taken from Nomad Adventures.

NAD-lembeh has only 10 rooms and a typical Minahasa bungalow. 5 superior (hot water, fan & attached european toilet) and 5 deluxe (aircon, hot water, fan & attached european toilet). The uniquely decorated rooms have a panoramic view of our tropical garden, the tranquil sea and the mystic volcanos. In the Minahasa bungalow, couples looking for some more privacy will find their little haven. Located in one side of the resort and 10 steps from our private black sand beach, features hot water, air conditioning, attached open-roof balinese style bathroom, bamboo furniture, a four poster bed with mosquito net, tea and coffee making facilities and a private balcony overlooking the Strait.

Cheap cheap!
8 Nights/20 Dives: USD734 pp (twin share) *unlimited shore dives
10 divers and above: 1 guest stays and dives free. Hence: USD660.6
*Havent negotiated for further discounts

Confirmed divers are voting on their preferred resort. Deadline: end August. Once the resort is confirmed, travel routes and itinerary will be arranged.

Deposits for trip: TRD

Divers from around the world who wish to join us, drop us a message at Divebums! and we will see what we can arrange for you.

For brief descriptions of the dive sites in Lembeh, visit this site.


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