07 August 2007

I didnt drown at sea

No i didnt, nor did i get bitten by a shark or anything of the like. The past week has been crazy for me. There were so many things i need to get done yet everyday it seems like i'm carrying forward more unfinished business. I need more hours in a day!

Oh guess what! Remember my regretful lavender purchase in Perth last month? Remember how bummed i was when i saw my pitiful and expensive FAKE lavender when sat next to lovely FRESH lavenders. Hah, i have to eat my words now. Last week, i took some time out to finally arrange them, and when i picked up the then-fresh-lavenders-which-is-now-limpy-and-fugly, i pat myself for making the best decision ever, i.e. to have bought 'em fake lavenders. They look anything but fake now. lol Cant tell the boys that i toss their lavenders far far away.

Babies.. lots of babies.. got to spend some time with my cheeky godson, Lucas. He's going to save the world with his love for anything with a keyboard now. I found out that he has a thing for fans. He'd stare at any sort of fan; ceiling fan, standing fan, kitchen fan with freakish concentration and would bend at all angles to get a good look. He's starting to mumble or say his first words now and you'll never guess. "Dawg"
"hey babyyyy, whatchu doing there?"
"You like keyboards, dont you hah.."
"dawwwgg... dawwgg... *bang on keyboard* *more banging* (yeahh, kill my laptop baby so i can get a new one!) dawwgg.."

.I love you to pieces.

.Gorgeous babies: My niece Emilka @ 1 mth, Komoko and niece Xuanxuan.

I think i have played with enough babies to last me a few months.

Then it was intense, brain wrecking, flower-glue-scissor-fighting scrapping bootcamp! It took 4 of us 4 serious, creative-juices-blending hours to complete our scrappage for Jenny's bday album.

.Very impressive for 3 other newbies.

And many thanks to Jessie for practically truckloading her workstation over for us to dig through, without which it would have just been pictures stuck on plaincoloured papers.

.Happy Birthday to Jenny and HoonHoon.


Pandachu on August 8, 2007 at 10:19 AM said...

Still think everyone did a great job on the layouts despite fighting over the tools! LOL! It definitely doesnt look like ammateur work!

Lee on August 8, 2007 at 11:31 PM said...

I know! I definitely got the scrapping bug :)

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