13 February 2008

Goodbye Leyte, Hello Anilao

11 dives later, it’s time to bid Southern Leyte goodbye and begin the 2nd leg of our dive expedition to Anilao.

Angel, Andrew and I would like to thank Phil, Annalyn, Darla and her twin sister Darlyn for their great service. Every night, Darlyn will bring the food menu to us and ask what we would like for breakfast and lunch the next day. When we head over to the resort the next morning, breakfast is served soon after we sit ourselves down… whilst Darla and Annalyn are packing our lunch to be brought on board. Feels like we’re 10 again. Oh Clarke! Thanks for fixing my internet access though it’s painstakingly slow! Thanks to our Divemaster Pedro for showing us some good stuff and all the boatmen who were quick on their feet when it comes to helping us gear up.

And I’m gonna miss Dopey who has been following us everywhere!

Overall, we’ve had a good time in Southern Leyte, though I don’t think it’d appeal to seasonal divers. My unbiased opinion is other than the higher chances of spotting a whaleshark and the top-class corals, there’s no other pelagics or exotic critters to keep your spirits high. I don’t think I’d travel all this way to Southern Leyte again.

Now, it’s buttcheeks torture time.

3 hours van ride to Tacloban Airport for our transfer to Manila. The torture. The torture was quickly overcame by the sights outside my seat window. We cruised by the coastal line, past the town that’s made up of wooden plank houses roofed by dried leaves, go up and round paved roads in between mountains, gasped at shocking road signs - "DAMAGED BRIDGE AHEAD", "CHECK BRAKES", "ACCIDENT PRONE AREA".

@ Tacloban Airport

.Andrew: Dun friggin' cut queue!.

1.5 hrs later, we're back in Manila hunting for good solid nutritious food! I need good food. A lil' seek and hunt landed us at Green Belt's Casa Arinas, yummy glorious Spanish food.
I'm so looking forward to the 2 hr car ride to Anilao at 5am in the morning. Right!


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