05 February 2008

Friggin freezing waters - Day 4

Day 4
Dive #9: Sunok Points
Dive #10: Sunok Points
Dive #11: Adrians Cove
Dive Time: ~60mins each
Max Depth: 30m
Temp: 26’c

One degree celsius change in temperature makes it a whole new experience. It is so cold that i literally have to wrap my arms around me throughout the dive. And yet they claim it's not cold enough for whalesharks. Dive #9 was INSANE. The currents were sooooooo strong that Angel and I were practically REEFCLIMBING. Imagine a vertical wall covered with corals, i.e. a wall dive... with currents gushing down at us, threatening to push us out towards the open sea. At 20-odd metres deep, we were clinging on to rocks after rocks, attempting to ascend.

In a short span of minutes, I signalled to Angel that i've lost my legs from kicking. She then held my hand, and told me to let go. We began drifting out into the open sea, further and further away from the wall, the sandy bottoms turned from white sand, to blue to deep blue nothingness. You cannot gauge your depth without looking at your depth gauge. I thought to myself, "Oh dear lord babe, GOOD LUCK!" So we hovered for roughly 5 mins looking left, looking right. There's absolutely nothing around us except for the occassionally stinging planktons. It's a platter of freedom. THAT was quite an experience.

.My reflection through a bubble.

Andrew bought some fireworks from Mactan, that was meant to be lit on the eve of Chinese New Year. But the dingdong didnt realise we're taking a plane back to Manila which means no "explosives" are allowed to be checked in, so we have to light them all off. A group of 10 hongkie divers from Peter's Dive Resort joined us, and totally "WAAAA-ed" their lungs out.


Andrew said...

I have seen amazing stuff at Sunok Point!!!

Lee on February 13, 2008 at 4:25 PM said...


Andrew said...

Beautiful Nudibranch and nice coral.

Lee on February 13, 2008 at 4:32 PM said...

I saw many corals, nice corals, many nudis, nice nudis.. NICE.

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