05 January 2008

My passage through Incredible India

.My travel routes circled in red.
.Bangalore - flight - Goa.

.Goa - flight - Mumbai.
.Mumbai - flight - New Delhi.
.New Delhi - train - Agra.
.Agra - train - New Delhi.
.New Delhi - flight - Bangalore.

Before you follow me through my journey in Incredible India, you might like to know this trip has taken up alot of my time in terms of planning and travel arrangement. It wasnt a tour package, it was a D.I.Y brain-wrecking, hair-tugging, bucket loads of stressed-involved itinenary.

It involves a solid confirmation of your travel dates, flight and train reservations, hotel reservations, timing to avoid clashes, banging on tables when u find out some indian air and railway do not accept VISA! So if you're one of those with guts strong enough to plan an entire trip yourself, make sure you have AMEX. When you travel at this time of the year, be prepared to be shocked out of your life. A 2-star hotel can cost up to 200-300USD. Some of us may think, hey it's not so bad, afterall you're out sightseeing the whole day and it's just to sleep in. You'll soon realise what i mean when i use the word "DODGY".

So you already know, i decided to come over to Bangalore, South India because of Scubabum. She got posted here for a couple of months, with accomodation and a driver - what other excuse can i give not to visit India. Over a few msn later, we decided to spend Xmas in Goa and me heading off to New Delhi, North India to see Taj Mahal... then back to Bangalore to spend NYE with her. The initial plan was to spend NYE in Maldives, but judging from the $700 flight and USD700 hotel rate per night, i guess i have to kiss Maldives goodbye. Bloody hell...

From the 22nd of December '07 up to today the 31st of December '07, all i can say about India is -
"It is truly Incredible".
.Met this sweet girl during my 1 hour queue to see Taj Mahal, Agra.

.Happy New Year 2008 to everyone back home in Brunei!.

Tonight, my bummie and I will be counting down in Leela Palace's Zen, Bangalore.
.Asiatique night - serving Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Indian. We went to collect our ticket this afternoon and had a small chat with the Chinese chef, who promised to make "SIU LONG PAO" (a famous chinese dumpling) exclusively just for US. Oh my Lord!!. finally some chinese food =)

.Tonight's dancefloor (left), Outdoor Dining Area (right).

We will be welcoming the new year in our sarees ;)



Scubabum on January 8, 2008 at 11:08 PM said...

I miss Goa babe! Eventhough the hotel sucks with stinky water... love the balcony - our "feast" and refreshing kingfisher... boo-hoo-hooo..

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