05 January 2008

Greetings from India

The past few months has just been insane, so many has happened in such little time. Scubabum and I went to Bali for the weekend in November... did some insane stuff to feed our insane souls. Will photoblog soon.

Now, i've continued my journey to you-guess-where.. I.N.D.I.A! Everyone that knows i'm going to India gave me the wide-eyed, jaw dropping look.. throwing comments like "Why India??" "Crazy ahhh" "Why Xmas in India??" Actually i pity my poor little bunny KaRyn, who's stuck in Bangalore eating "Veg Combo Meal" everyday, that's why i'm here.. but who's to say, India might be a real adventure Muuhuuhuu..

I had to do a night stop at KL, meet up with some friends from my college time in Taylors. They took me to this fantastic restaurant called Alexis at Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang. Food was great, wine was superb and Jamie Flynn who sang Michael Buble's song was utterly to-die-for. Although the highlight of the night isnt the food, the drinks, nor the pubs.. it was the live-action at 4am in the morning near Chinatown. While enjoying my supper, spoon halfway to my mouth, shuffles and screams started getting louder and nearer. I turned around, fighting to keep my eyeballs in, some guys were running down the street .. a few metres away from me .. armed with PARANGS '*$&%' chasing after some people. WTF! I nearly peed my pants.

The Loft

.With Meriza and Janice, the Taylors 98/16s. Ronald and Terrence sporting my favourite pose.
.The sat sat beh chio Cameron.

I touched down at 8.45pm Indian time, i.e. 2.5hrs behind Brunei... The minute i exit the Airport, Caryn was skipping towards me... finally a "Cina" face. Haha... I guess i can never imagine the happiness she is feeling. She has a friggin driver sporting a really smart uniform, opens the door and "Madamme, please get in". I feel like a queen already. Traffic is insane in Bangalore, they honk at every single thing that move... I've always wanted to honk at every crap driver in Brunei, i might actually like driving here. Huuhuu. 5 minutes down the road, there's an accident. Apparently it's a common sight here. "Madamme, they are fighting already".

.Tiny Selva, who thinks sleeping in the car is far more comfortable than sleeping at home.

.So loving oooh. .Wanna sit in the beat-up Auto ricksaw, apparently the most popular transportation in Bangalore. Ya right!.
.Caryn's "Marijuana" apartment. Huuhuu.

We went to this place called Unwind Island. It's absolutely gorgeous, hospitality is great, food and drinks are totally cheap. Unbelievable. Bangalore has way exceeded my expectation, but perhaps things doesnt look as bad during the night.

.Peace sisterrrr.

.Indian Beer. mMMmm.

Tomorrow, we're flying off to Goa, the state with the most beautiful beaches in India and renowned to be happening 365 days a year. I know i said i wont be diving anymore this year but i simply cannot say No when i heard this.. "Barracuda Diving India is planting a Christmas tree underwater on the 24th and dressing it with gift ribbons for the xmas divers and we managed to get ourselves a slot to join that dive! This Christmas is one christmas i've never imagined.

.Merry Xmas and Happy New Year everyone.

.Lots of love from Banga-to the-lore.


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