14 June 2007

Up is Down

Day: Wednesday, 13 June 2007 - Sunset-Night Dive
Crew: Myself, Angel, Caryn, Andrew (Instructor), Eric, Ed, Katherine, Eng (Instructor), Hassan and Jessie (Captain)
Dive Site: Little Dale @ Mel's Reef (Brunei)
Viz: V.Good
Max Depth: 12m
Dive Time: 105m (Good gracious!)

Missing diving in Mabul and Sipadan is one thing. Coming back to Brunei's reef is another thing. Our waters are blessed with exquisite coral reefs that are full of vigour and are flourishing healthily. 'Cept we probably dont have thousands of fish swarming around us, or up close encounters with numerous turtles and sharks at any one time like you would in Sipadan.

However, we believe there are plenty of undiscovered treasures beneath our sea.

Brunei - a macro paradise? You never know!

Reports on this dive:

  • Eng and 2 JIS teachers spotted a turtle and we DID NOT >:/
  • Eng and 2 JIS teachers spotted a baby leopard shark and we DID NOT >:/
  • Set your eyes on macro mode, you'll end up seeing tiny things and miss out on the big things >:/
  • Saw 4 bobtail squids and yet not a single decent face shot >:/
  • Featherstars can be sO friggin' annoying >:/
  • Crabs can take on a look that's beyond your wildest imagination :>
  • Pictures look so much better at night without all the backscatter :>
  • Got to dive for 1 hr and 45 minutes on one tank :>
  • Laughing underwater will exhaust your air faster
  • Andrew called Caryn, Eric and I cowboy divers for reasons i cannot reveal. Muhuuhuu.

.Bobtail squid. Baby cuttlefish.

.Crabbie. This crab seriously reminds me of E.T.

.More Crabbies.

.Crown-of-thorns starfish.

If you happen to see this starfish, stab it! Takako, a Japanese instructor once said to me "This one dangerous, eat coral, must K.I.L.L". Fact: It is a coral reef predator that can wipe out large areas of coral. An individual is said to be able to consume up to 6 square meters of living reef per year.
After reading this post, Andrew asked me "Are you sure you want divers to kill the crown-of-thorns?....it is one of the food source for triton shells". He said it's the yin and yang, the balance of life. It got me thinking. In all my dives here, i've only seen them a couple of times. So i suppose if there isnt exactly a big outbreak or pose any immediate threat to coral reefs, it's fair to leave them alone.

Good night!

.Next week - muck diving.


Andrew said...

Err i wouldn't completely say leave them alone. Maybe a bit of torture here and there if u see them. Feel free to be homicidal with them if there is a outbreak.

Anonymous said...

human pollution is a threat. feel free to harpoon anyone who dumps rubbish in our waters :)


Lee on June 18, 2007 at 4:56 PM said...

Juicy, dont ever let me catch u dumping anything of any sort to the sea. Haha..

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