13 June 2007

Flying without wings

.This is how it feels to fly without wings.

Day: Friday, 8 June 2007 - Day Dive
Crew: Myself, Caroline, Tuon, Caryn, Anny, Boon Hui, Uwais, Cik Azli (Instructor) and Hj Kula (Captain)
Dive Site: Lamlit Wreck & Yeoli Wreck (Brunei)
Viz: Good
Max Depth: 30m & 25m
Dive Time: ~50m & 50m

I still remember very clearly, that one day in Mabul after doing 6 dives, I told Angel i wont be diving for a while when i get back to Brunei. Dive until scared already!.

And what happens? 2 days after i return, i wanna get back in the waters again.

It was a blarrrdy hot day!
.Uwais said "Jadi ikan masin sudah ler..."

We set out from the end of Tutong Beach. Beautiful day. Super calm waters. Clear blue skies. Would have been perfect if not for the scorching sun. I think i have more pictures of us on the boat than underwater, for some reason, we were all pretty vain that day. Muhuuhuuu.

.Our captain, Caryn, Anny and I - honestly if i have to choose between her steering a boat and her driving a car, both hands up to a boat!. Look.. there's a duckie in the sky!.

Lamlit Wreck is a barge sitting at the bottom of 30-31m out in Tutong. When Caryn, Anny and I descended, the anchor have already shifted from the wreck so it took us a few minutes to find it. This wreck appeared deserted, I didnt see any signs of fish activity but there were alot of nudibranchs!

.I lurve polka dot nudis!.

.New lovers. Old lovers - when your man starts walking ahead of you. muhuhuu.

While we were snapping away, Caryn suddenly started shaking her shaker and signalled it's time to ascend. What the? We've only been down for like 20 minutes?? And it's almost decom. time. Apparently, when we were looking for the wreck, we stayed far too low at 30m.. exhausting our bottom time. This really sucks.. though we had good fun while doing our extended safety stop. When Caryn told us time's up, Caroline actually waved her off.. HAH.. she wanted to stay longer and refused to come on board. haha..

.Caryn and Anny. Eksen.


We spent roughly two hours watching Cik Azli lift and relocate his fish traps (Their ricebowl ok) while we munch away on glorious food. Our second dive site is at Yeoli Wreck - a fishing trawler, i presume it's name after Instructor Yeo and Cik Azli, hence Yeoli. Am i right, Caryn?? I wanna have a site named after me tooooo hee hee. It's a rather small boat that's very popular among damselfish, fusiliers, and a variety of shrimps.

.Glass shrimp.

I got abit bored at one point and starting shooting at small cardinalfish that we usually ignore due to its commonness. It's actually got quite a nice profile!

Another great dive. Thanks Cik Azli!

.The explorer of Brunei Seas.


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